10 Best Yoga Vacation Retreats Around The World

From Pranayama to Ashtanga, Ayurveda to Yin Yoga, the yoga vacation retreats offer a holistic rejuvenation for the body, mind, and spirit. The stunning locations of the places with their soul healing ambiance unwind you, filling your mind and body with complete tranquility. Check out some of the 10 best yoga vacation retreats around the world.

Morocco: Paradis Plage Yoga Holiday

Paradis Plage Hotel AgadirThis yoga vacation resort overlooks the ocean on a private beach and offers rare sight of the coastline. As you wake up your body and spirit with the yoga sessions set up by the resort, take part in the various holistic activities and sports training for a truly rejuvenating and unique experience. Also to get adventurous, play with the waves and later relax in the beach facing lounge with your favorite smoothie.

Belize: Akbol Retreats

Akbol Retreat CenterIf clear water and white beaches are on your mind, then you may consider the Akbol Yoga Retreats in Belize, regarded as one of the 10 best yoga vacation retreats in the world. Available all around the year, Akbol retreats offer different yoga regime that would let you fit it even amidst your busy schedule. Apart from the yoga classes on water, you can take part in social gathering over healthy food and drinks at the beachside restaurant and bar. Also, explore other exciting activities like massages and snorkeling.

Croatia: Summersalt Yoga Retreats

Summersalt Yoga BalanceTo entertain yourself with the appeal of a beautiful and unique destination, choose Croatia as your next yoga vacation retreat. One of the 10 best yoga vacation retreats in the world, the place, offers urban yoga retreats including daily yoga sessions, vegan cuisines, yoga BBQ and more. Also, you can also take part in other outdoor activities at your cost.

Thailand: Absolute Sanctuary Yoga

Absolute Sanctuary Yoga SunsetExperience world-class yoga retreats at the Absolute Sanctuary Yoga in Thailand. Offering indulgent therapies, exceptional healing treatments, and world-renowned spa amenities, you can have an ultimate rejuvenating experience to heal your both body and mind. This yoga sanctuary offers daily free yoga classes that range from vinyasa to Ashtanga, and Pranayama to Hatha Yoga. Their yoga program is carefully designed to balance both physical and spiritual balance and that is the reason they are viewed as one of the 10 best yoga vacation retreats around the world.

Philippines: The Farm Yoga Holiday

The Farm Yoga Famous for its holistic approach to wellness, this award-winning yoga vacation retreat is one of the 10 best yoga vacation retreats in the world. This holiday resort offers daily mind and yoga classes such as Aqua Yoga, Power Flow, Silent Meditation, and Yin Yoga to enhance the physical and mental condition holistically. Be in sync with your inner peace as you practice the asanas in the meditation lounges. Treat yourself with healthy and nutritious offerings all throughout your stay.

France: Terre Blanche Yoga, Pilates & Spa

Terre Blanche Outdoor PoolThis exotic yoga retreat is set in a beautiful location of Eastern Provence and French Riviera. And is one of the 10 best yoga vacation retreats. With an aim to improve your overall wellness of body and mind, it also works to build strong core muscles with their regular yoga and spa regime. Their world-class treatment would boost your energy at no time and help you develop positive attitudes towards life. Indulge to revitalize yourself with their range of spa therapies, detoxifying drainage massage, rejuvenating body spa, and much more.

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India: Ananda Yoga

Ananda Yoga Group Amphiteatre India is the birthplace of yoga, and keeping that in mind, Ananda offers an all-exclusive full spectrum yoga retreats spread in its sessions of Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, and Ajapajapa, within the charming outdoor ambiance of resort’s amphitheater. Take part in the different yoga regimes, ancient Ayurvedic practices, and holistic group classes. You can also personalize your yoga classes according to your sequence and style.

A unique experience of the resort lies in its culinary experience, where you can customize your diet according to your Ayurvedic body type, thus extending a holistic approach to the wellness. Enjoy your vacation at the resort by indulging in their delicious and nutritious offerings that are carefully designed for you so that you may accomplish your health-related goals. All of these make India’s Ananda, one of the 10 best yoga vacation retreats in the world. Take time to relax your mood and feel the refreshing breeze during the afternoon as you take sips of fresh tea at the majestic Ananda’s Viceregal Palace.

Caicos and Turks: Parrot Cay Yoga Retreat

Parrot Cay Sun Loungers NightThis Yoga Retreat boasts an all-encompassing yogic experience with their daily beach yoga classes, Vedic group discussions, and contemplative practices. Feel the awe-inspiring vastness of the North Atlantic Ocean as you practice your regular yoga sessions amidst the therapeutic ambiance.

Treat your mind with the yogic tradition and philosophy. Take part in various spiritual practices and activities and bring out the inner peace of your mind to calm down. This yoga vacation resort also offers excellent spa treatment arrangement to fit the world-class standard and quality. Give your body and spirit a royal treatment with the Japanese bath, outdoor Jacuzzi, and a large yoga studio. Which makes this destination one of the 10 best yoga vacation retreats in the world.

Tulum: Yogascapes Retreat

Yogascapes RetreatThis yoga retreat is located on the sands of the Caribbean and the jungles of Mexico. This world-class resort offers daily yoga practices, meals, massages, candlelit practices, natural juices, and eco-friendly lodging. One of the 10 best yoga vacation retreats in the world, this destination, should never be missed.

Bhutan: Bhutan Yoga Tour

Bhutan Yoga TourFamous for its profound spiritual existence, Bhutan remains one of the 10 best yoga vacation retreats in the world. Ideal for high yogic and meditative practices. Bhutan can be chosen for its spiritual morning and evening yogic practices, delicious dumplings, cultural immersion and excellent hiking experience.

Travel with yoga is a great combination as you get to know not only about new ideas and cultures but also get to enjoy the benefits associated with the yoga retreat.

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