What You Should Know Before Investing in Baby Clothes

Every new parent becomes excited buying baby clothing. All of those cute little pink and blue outfits. There is so many fun, pretty designs to put on our babies. Just make sure you do not forget the most essential part of baby clothing.

What is the most critical portion of baby clothing? It is the part on the inside, your baby. Parents get caught focusing on how cute an outfit is and forget to take the time to ask the most critical question. Will this be comfortable for them to wear?

Your baby’s skin is susceptible. Their little bodies have been protected in their mother’s womb for 9 months, and suddenly we are putting clothes on them. As you start looking at baby clothing, make sure you stay with clothes which are smooth, soft, and natural. 100% cotton clothing is the most comfortable for your infant, since the fabric breathes, and feels soft against their skin. If you want to buy outfits with synthetic materials, make sure the percentage of cotton is as high as possible.

One other thing to keep in mind. Those cute little flowers, bows, and other decorations need to stay away from their cheeks and chins. Too many sets of baby clothing are continually bumping their little cheeks and chins. This quickly sets off a reaction, making your baby think it is time to eat. Imagine having a high smelling piece of apple pie held under your nose, but you are always being denied. It is going to drive you baby crazy feeling the stimulation on their cheeks and chin. Keep the decorations lower on the clothes, where they still look great, but will not stimulate the nursing response. You will be much happier since your baby will not become fussy as easily.

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Make sure the baby clothing you purchase fits comfortably, not tightly. If you are seeing compression marks from their baby clothing, they may be too tight. It is a reasonable time to move them up to the next size.

From a parent’s standpoint, you want clothing which is easy to keep clean. While you are lounging around home, having white cotton baby clothing is an excellent choice. They can be lightly bleached to remove stains, and are very comfortable for your baby. Keep the fancy dress for visitors and going out.

Many of the clothes you will have for starting out may come from baby showers. Go ahead and use all those great little outfits. If the baby clothing you received has decorations near the face which bother your infant, only use a pair of scissors and snip them off. Both your baby and your own sanity are much more important than the decoration.

Baby clothing is one of the fun parts of being a new parent. You can show the world how cute your baby is, and give them a lovely style. Just keep their comfort in mind, and everyone will be happy.

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