What Causes Dry Cough After Quitting Smoking?

Dry Cough After Quitting SmokingWhen a person stops smoking, usually there will be some symptoms and turmoil inside his body. The symptoms experienced by everyone may vary. There are people who experience dry cough, some are nauseated, and lips are bitter, shortness of breath, throat itch, and so on.

These symptoms never occur when a person becomes an active smoker, but is slowly emerging when people stop smoking. Why does it happen? What causes dry cough after quitting smoking?

What Causes Dry Cough After Quitting Smoking?

When a person smokes, the smoke of the cigarette and the nicotine content in it will paralyze and damage the cilia in the lungs. Because of that cilia cannot function properly. But after people stop smoking, then cilia will try to function again as before. Cilia which initially covered various chemicals contained in cigarettes now gradually began to work again. Cilia serves as an external air filter and chemical substances before entering the lungs. When cilia begins to function again and sift through the various substances that have previously closed its motion, it is likely to cause you to cough. Then, dry cough after quitting smoking may occur at that time.

Symptoms May Occur Such as Dry Cough after Quitting Smoking

When you experience dry cough after quitting smoking, it may be for a current period. Your body needs to re-adapt to your new habits. The body needs time to adjust to new habits so that the functions of organs may change as soon as you quit smoking. The hardest time you have is when you quit smoking. Your body will cause some uncomfortable symptoms. But you must be able to get past these times of crisis to live a healthier life.

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A variety of symptoms other than coughing is feeling nauseated to vomiting. You can also feel dizzy or have headaches. If you feel deeply disturbed by the various symptoms you experience when you quit smoking then you can consult a lung specialist or internal medicine. This will probably help you to overcome the various complaints you experience. Sometimes we feel that the various symptoms are quite disturbing our daily activities. But actually the psychological impact can also affect the symptoms so it becomes more severe. When you feel something is missing or uncomfortable after quitting smoking then it is a psychological impact. You must have strong defenses and support from the closest people like your family and friends to deal with this psychological impact.

Now you know the cause of dry cough after quitting smoking. You can anticipate this by always thinking positive, begin to apply a healthy lifestyle and exercise. You should try to find new busyness to distract you from smoking like doing the sport you love. If you have a strong desire to quit smoking then you can definitely do it. You should not give up easily when there are various symptoms in your body. It means that your body responds and starts to adapt.

Hopefully all of the information above is article will be useful for you. Good luck!

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