Washing Your Face Too Often, Is it Safe For You

Washing Your Face Too OftenHave you ever think about negative impacts of washing your face too often? As we know, having a lot of activities during the day makes our face dirty easily. Usually, you tend to wash your face more frequent than usual.

Especially for you, teenagers that have hit puberty, some advice say if you desire healthy skin, you should wash your face in the morning and night to prevent acne-prone skin. When your face skin is oily and breakouts, you are reinforced to wash your face more often. Does it make sense? Although it seems logical the explanations below will change your mind. Please check this one out!

Be Careful with Acne

Washing your face too often means you are washing not only makeup and dirt on your skin but also washing off the sebum produced by your skin. Actually, the oil of the skin is important. It can protect your skin and keep it nice, health, and supple. The skin has to maintain its natural condition. Exactly our body knows well the right amount of oil to take care our skin. During the washing process, the body tries to rebalance itself quickly by producing more oil. It means, your body produces the more oil when the more oil remove. The impact if there is too much oil in your face is it will be more acne-prone there.

Preventing Breakouts

If you wish to have clean and healthy skin, I want to give you the simplest tips, please do not wash your face too often! Many experts in dermatologist advice to remove all your makeup and wash your face cleanly at night, then in the morning, it is not necessary to wash it again. Please note, washing your face too often is useless.

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The important point is about the astringents usage. You have to know that most astringents clean up too much sebum on your face and exacerbate our skin problem. Well, if you still want to use astringents, please use a product with gentle ingredients such as an alcohol-free. You should ensure to use it only once application per day.

Should You Just Stop Washing Your Face?

Guys, washing your face is normal but washing it too much is a reckless decision. It is fine to wash your face twice a day as your daily routine because it is enough. If you are in a major breakout, please do not try to wash it too much, over-washing would only irritate the skin. Actually, washing your face too often only worsening your breakouts.

If you have a plan to use a face scrub product, choose a soft one. Be careful when you use the harsh one, it can cause scarring. After you wash your face, do not forget to moisturize it to prevent you from getting more pimples.

We realize that we have to take care our face to make it healthy and fresh all day long. Please be aware guys, because washing your face too often is definitely give negative effects for your skin.

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