Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

virgin remy hair extensionsDespite the high price, virgin Remy hair extensions remain popular. Well, it actually depends to the wearers’ preference – whether they are willing to spend extra for the long lasting result. If you have extra money to spend, it is advisable that you spend it wisely. There are many type of hair extensions out there, but choosing the virgin type will protect your real hair – and make sure that your appearance remain real, genuine, and authentic.

Virgin Hair

Not many people know that there are different kinds of hair extensions, Remy hair extension is one of them. Among the top notch and high quality extensions, the virgin type is the best – although it is also the most expensive.

This type of extension is using 100% human hair that has never been chemically treated – up to the time of collection, mind you. The donors usually have this long, beautiful, and silky hair. Before the collection, the hair has never been permed, dyed, curlied, colored, or any such thing. During the collection, the hair will be arranged in a long ponytail so you can expect a healthy and non processed hair.

However, after the collection process, the hair needs to be treated and cleaned. When the manufacturer decides to change the color, the hair will go through a detailed and careful process with environmentally friendly steps that won’t damage or alter the structure of the hair. This environmentally friendly process involves only a small bit of chemical substances and the process to prepare it usually takes longer. Some manufacturers may want to shorten the production process with harsh processing and chemical substance, which is a shame because it will damage the already healthy hair.

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Remy Hair

The difference of virgin hair and Remy hair is the collection state and the condition of the donors. In Remy hair collection, the donors may have done several chemical processing to the hair. However, during the collection, the virgin Remy hair extensions are cut in a long ponytail so the cuticles will remain aligned.

Remy hair will also go through processing period where it is cleaned, treated, and dyed. Just like in the virgin hair type, the virgin Remy hair extensions may be treated through harsh processing or the environmentally friendly steps. The first one may be faster but the result is harsher while the latter one is longer. Whereas the virgin hair extension can last up to 2 years, the virgin Remy hair extensions may only last for a year. But it is still better when compared to the synthetic non-Remy hair that may last only in months.

Making a Choice

Choosing the right supplier or seller for the extension is crucial, especially if you want to have a flawless appearance and a protection for your real hair. Go to only a reliable supplier. Take time to explore around, read reviews, read testimonials, find the basic information, and such thing alike. As long as you make the time carefully and you don’t rush thing, you should be able to find high quality virgin Remy hair extensions that is worth your spending. You may also like to read Ways to Get Rid of White Hair.

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