Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal
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Today we should be aware of side effects of laser hair removal. Maybe this procedure has become a lifestyle in this modern era. We tend to remove all of excessive hair growth or hair grows in unwanted places on the body. We spend much money for this laser treatment and devote a considerable amount of time.

Actually, laser hair removal has been used as a cosmetic treatment. Many people recognize that it works well to remove hair in specific areas of the body such as arm, face, and chin. This treatment makes the annoying hair disappears quickly. But do you ever consider about side effects of laser hair removal? Here we will explain for you, check this out!

Laser hair removal involves a lot of heat

When people are having laser hair removal actually they get too much heat exposure. For some cases, it could lead to skin burns. This burn happens more frequently in darker skin patients because they have more dark pigments which will absorb the laser intensively. But perhaps for others, the burns are mild. It also can be noticed that after the treatment, the skin turns reds for several days, and there is swelling surrounds the skin.

Therefore, before you decide to remove your hair with laser hair removal, you should be careful with this side effect and be aware of your own skin condition.

Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation

Potentially, side effects of laser hair removal are hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, so you cannot take them for granted. Talking about hyperpigmentation, it can be defined as a darkening of skin after you have a laser hair removal. In fact, this treatment can be a trigger of melanin production which creates a chemical reaction similar to suntan. On the other side, hypopigmentation is a lightening of skin after laser treatment. In some cases, laser exposure can inhabit the melanin production and the skin pigment will disappear.

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Other Side Effects of Laser Treatment

Researchers find that laser treatment not only has negative effects on skin but also it can affect in other areas of the body. In the rare cases, side effects of laser hair removal can be seen in the eyes. It leads to eyes injuries in some patients. Therefore, it is really important for you to protect your eyes during laser treatment process.

If you with sensitive skin, a mild bruising may occur after the laser treatment. This side effect appears after few days of the treatment and fortunately, it will disappear shortly afterward. So when you have an important appointment in the near future, please be patient guys!

For your information, laser hair removal can also cause pain, numbness, and tingling which is located in the treated area. But you do not have to worry because those side effects are normal.

After some explanations above, now, you should consider about benefits and drawbacks of laser treatment. When you still want to remove your unwanted hair by this method, please be ready with side effects of laser hair removal.

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