Why Women Stay In Abusive Relationships

Why Women Stay In Abusive Relationships

There are several reasons why women stay in abusive relationships. Many remain afraid. Alternatively, they have been threatened with bad things happen to them or their families if they try to leave the situation of violence. Lack of money can be another reason, and not have someone to turn to for help. Like men – women are noble creatures and often do not want others to know just how bad your situation is shamed it will be looked down, and I know someone will say “why not just let .”

These are dread words to hear and can cause even more stress to the recipient of abuse who wants to get out of their situation but feel helpless and scared, not knowing how to step to the freedom of violence they are Forced to bear. There are many forms of abuse that a woman can suffer and unfortunately, too many women in today’s society are murdered by their partners or husbands.

There is always a cause of violent or cheat in relationships. As women, we are conditioned to be caregivers and bearers. In fact, it is nothing more than a theory because women need to be fed. Men do not seem to be aware of this. I have spoken with many women who have told me how much they miss their mothers who have died for years. Miss be fed and have someone genuinely concerned about their well-being.

This is a problem that can easily cause a relationship to start on an uneven keel, leading to family violence, violence, and mental cruelty. At some point in the relationship. A woman may feel a flash of self-esteem emerge only to be hammered and fired back into their ever-present darkness. Any self she has may resign as soon as the appellant’s name and personal attacks on his vehicle departures and returned to their little corner once again.

Violence has subtle, to begin with, that look natural because women take them as a praise of signs. Let’s face it; we are too busy to be in love with being aware of something dark and sinister lurking in weed compliments. We often take their text messages or calling obsessively as concerned about our well-being, making us feel like we are occupying someone for the first time in our lives. It is not known how to distinguish between ‘growing obsession’ and true love. Women receive contradictory messages. You feel like he cares and loves you and tells you he is not like other men.

It will make you believe that it is the right person for you, conditioning you for a period that you can not live without it in your life. You are finally looking at it for validation and dependency in all areas of your life without being aware of it. In a short time you have given your power to that person without even signing a form and now controls their thoughts and opinions. You are now a ‘puppet.’

If you disagree with anything, your reaction might be to want to discuss it with you, but the discussion becomes the name of bitter appeals and threats, which is where you realize that you have to withdraw in his corner Before the beginning show physical violence. Most of the time, it happens anyway.

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Women can live in an abusive relationship for many years before seeking help, for fear of meeting their threats if they leave. This happened to me several years ago. They threatened to shoot me. Friends ask me why I stayed and I would like to change the subject. He did not want them to know he was afraid to leave. There are many forms of abuse in relationships. Being forced to have sex without consent is ‘rape,’ and because two people are related or married does not give a partner the right to make love with each other without such person consent. This is another reason why many women were raped violently by their partners, who are mistaken in thinking that they are already married, that is good. Not going well. Signing a marriage certificate and taking your name does not give you private label rights to use as an inanimate object.

There is a way out, talk to your doctor and be completely honest about your situation and ask for a referral to a counselor they will be able to take you to a home or shelter. Do not worry about what your friends think your life is online These are the first steps to regaining your power.

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