Be Flexible and You Can Realize Great Travel Savings

Realize Great Travel SavingsFlexibility is an essential key in any area of life. Usually, flexibility entails being able to work with and get along with others, but it can also mean working within your own life and schedule. When it comes to traveling, flexibility is the key to significant savings. It is important when searching for flights to keep an open mind and plan to get the best rates.

If you absolutely cannot fly on a different day than you have originally planned, do your best to be available at various times during that day. Even being able to choose a flight that is not scheduled at peak travel time will help you save money. Below are a few hints and reminders about staying flexible when you travel.

Choosing Dates

It’s a simple fact that most people travel on weekends for pleasure. For this reason, it is typically more expensive to book a weekend flight than a weekday flight. For example, most weddings happen on Saturdays. If you are trying to book your honeymoon, you can bet that you will pay more if you decide to leave that day or the next. To be flexible, you can change your wedding date. Don’t count on the bride being very thrilled with that idea though.

Your other option is to book your flight for Monday morning and spend the weekend doing something else. Drive to a little local bed and breakfast and take a little time off before you rush off to the airport. You will both be more ready to travel after some post-wedding rest anyway.

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Sometimes, for special reasons such as holidays, flights become more expensive on days other than the weekends. To make sure you are getting the best deal, take advantage of a travel search engine. Almost all of them offer a choice to pick an exact date or to look at flexible dates. Choosing flexible travel timing will allow you to find the cheapest fare.

Time of Day

Another area of travel that requires flexibility for the best rates is the time of day your flight takes off and lands. Again, there are popular times of day to fly, and therefore they are more expensive. If you choose a flight that leaves first thing in the morning or the middle of the day, you will have to pay more. If you are willing to go in the later evening or even in the midst of the night, you will surely find discounted rates.

You do need to be careful in this area of flexibility, however. If you are traveling alone, you may not want to choose a midnight arrival. You will be tired and not at your best level of alertness. If safety is not a concern because of the size of your group or because you will have a ride waiting for you at the airport, then consider a late-night flight. The ride will go faster if you can manage to sleep and you will get to keep a few more of your hard-earned dollars. If you do choose to fly late though, make sure your ride is in agreement before you book.

Flexibility is a great way to ensure better airfare. If you can be flexible with your arrival and departure dates and times, you will benefit in the bank. If you have limited flexibility, try to shift the time of day your flight leaves, if not the day. Whatever your capability is for flexibility, use it to the fullest to find savings on your travel.

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