Quitting Smoking by Vaping

Quitting Smoking By Vaping1Recently, there is an increasing trend of quitting smoking by vaping. Vaping is new lifestyle that claimed it has contribute for reduce the bad effect of smoking. This also claimed as the new healthier habit rather than smoking and alternative method for quit smoking.

Quitting Smoking By Vaping, how it can be?

For some people that decide to quit smoking, this can be a struggle that can be endless. Many people that cannot quit smoking and need much time and strong motivation because they have already got addicted to nicotine, the dangerous chemical contain in tobacco. Why vaping become alternative for quit smoking method? Here are some clues that might help you to find the answer why quitting smoking by vaping is the answer for healthier and reduce risk for diseases due to cigarette.

  • Some of it has zero nicotine.
  • This have been claimed as safest alternative for quit smoking
  • The e-liquid start with basic vegetable glycerin.

What to expect when Quitting Smoking By Vaping

Quitting Smoking By Vaping2For you who are considering quitting smoking and wondering the affectivity from vaping, this might be able to help you.

  • 8 hours after. After 8 hours, your body will change in properly way. In this first hour, you will see some notable effect from no smoking. The oxygen in your body will back again to normal level, even when you are starting vaping.
  • Hours. In 24 hours when you stop smoking and start vaping, the residual carbon monoxide from your body will removed out. The lungs will also detoxify and remove the toxic and mucus that have been accumulated while smoking phase.
  • 48 hours. After 48 hours, you will see the significant effect from quit smoking and start vaping. You might notice that your sense for taste is improving better; you can enjoy your drink and food better and tastier after you quit smoking. The top of that, you will notice that your sense for smell is also better, keener, and notice fragrance better
  • 72 hours. In 3 days, your body will be stronger. Many smokers that quit smoking and start vaping report that they show the improvement in their breathing. Breathing becomes easier because there are no longer exposure with tar that irritates bronchial tube and clogging it.
  • 3 to 9 months. After continuing vaping to 9 months, the signs of coughing, wheezing and the shallow breathing is reducing slowly or even gone. This because the lungs has better function to clear away the debris that have been accumulated after years smoking.
  • 5 years. The long term of vaping? After 5 years, it reduced the risk of heart attack about half rather than get smoking in cigarette.
  • 10 years. In 10 years, the risk of lung cancer reduced to half rather than still smoking.
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After you read this, you might start to consider to vaping as replacement for smoking. Longer you go far away nicotine; it means that you will have better healthy improvement. Quitting smoking by vaping is just a new begin phase for healthier life before you then start your next movement to quit smoking without tobacco and even with vaping.

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