Body Conditions If You Quit Smoking Day 5

Quit Smoking Day 5What is happened to body after you quit smoking day 5?

Before starting the explanation, it is known widely that smoking is one of the sweetest sins. At one point, all of us may know the bad effects of this habit. However, to stop it, it is so difficult and needs so many struggles. On the beginning weeks you stop smoking, those are probably really torturing.

It needs at least 8-12 weeks for someone to be free from cigarettes which are not a short time period for sure. But whatever your reason, this habit must be stopped as soon as possible for its damaging effect for every inch of your body. Interestingly, your body actually starts to do its regenerative process even in minutes after stopping smoking. Here is the chronology for 5 days.

Quit Smoking Day 5 – The First 20 Weeks

One of the smoking effects is regarding the increasing of blood pressure and heartbeat rate due to the nicotine which poisons the bloodstream system. Around 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your heartbeat tends to be slower and stable into normal level. This condition will be continued until you may do the smoking again.

Quit Smoking Day 5 – The First 2 Hours

You can feel the tips of fingers warmer. This is caused by the peripheral blood circulation that is healed gradually. However, this is also a level where the smoker may also feel so tormented. This condition is because of your body is already addicted to nicotine. You may feel nervous, anxious, frustrated, tired, sleepy but insomnia, sweaty, dizzy, tingled, and many others. Besides, it is common also for the smokers to find their appetite is getting higher.

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The First 12 Hours

Carbon monoxide which is consumed in a large number will replace oxygen to be bound on erythrocyte and it gives numerous problems in your heart. On the other hand, when you stop smoking in 12 hours, the carbon monoxide level will be lowered and it is replaced by oxygen.

The First 24 Hours

As you know, the possibility of heart attack is 70% higher for smokers. The good news is; after leaving your cigarette in 24 hours, this risk is getting lowered gradually. However, one of the indicators is that you may feel your body feel sick and uncomfortable.

The First 5 Days

Around 2-3 days after your last cigarette, your nerves are growing better to make your senses are able to work normally. As information for you, the nicotine which is chemically addicting gives a certain signal to your body. When the nicotine needs are not fulfilled, it can cause the blunt of some senses particularly for smelling and testing. This condition will be improved after the first 5 days. Despite your senses are able to work normally, the nicotine can be completely disappeared from your body. The nicotine addicted effects are still there and even getting worse. But for the sake of your health, you must bear with it in quit smoking day 5.

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