Why You Need to Personalized Flower Pots

Personalized Flower PotsPersonalized flower pots make excellent gifts for your friends, family, or even as a unique invitation that you buy for yourself. Of course, you could go to a garden center and find plenty of machine-made pots, but flower pot crafts are a better choice for most people as they can be customized to any size and color you want.

The great variety concerning color, style, and shape will always be much higher with hand painted flower pots. It is likewise an excellent idea to support American artists by buying handmade pots that are made here at home, rather than sent from abroad, which is what most garden center and mass retailers carry.

Personalized Outdoor Flower Pots

There are some things that you will want to look for in your handmade pots.

First, make sure the pots have been glazed and fired in an oven. They will last longer and be more able to withstand temperature changes than clay pots that have not been fired. A transition takes place in mud when heated to about 1100 F or higher. At that temperature, the chemically bonded water molecules are separated from the clay particles. These clay particles are fused, and the ceramic object is permanently changed. Before transformation, when clay objects are reintroduced into water, the clay particles decompose and dissolve again in the water.

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Secondly, you should look for pots that already have drainage holes in them to allow moisture to escape. This is essential for the health of your plants since planters without drainage tend to retain water and create too wet conditions that can lead to root rot, a fungal disease that is often fatal to most plants.

Third, look for a designer who specializes in pots. Most likely that person will be especially in tune to make pots that are functional as well as beautiful to look at. A flower pot specialist will have the widest range of enamels and finishing details to offer and will know how big or small containers can make that can easily fit into a window, terrace or patio.

Personalized Flower Pots Decorations

Flower pot designs come in all shapes and sizes. It is recommended that you look for containers that are as wide or wider at the top as they are at the bottom. If you ever need to relocate your plant, it will be easier to remove the plant without damaging the pot if this basic rule is followed. Containers with a narrow opening at the top tend to create a bottleneck effect that traps the roots of the plant and makes removing them later on tough.

If you keep your pots outdoors, you may not have to worry about placing a dish underneath them, since any excess water usually only comes out through the cover or patio surface material that are placed.

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For indoor plants, however, you should look for pots with saucers. The sauce can be made as part of the container, which is a neat effect that a potter with a wheel can easily create, or come separately. If you can not find a matching saucer for your pot, consider buying plastic plant pots that are discreet and not very noticeable.

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