Maternity Health Insurance

Maternity health insuranceWhat do you know about maternity health insurance? When you have any health insurance, then the Maternity Insurance comes as additional or add-on rider for your main health insurance policy. This insurance is a good health insurance for pregnant women because this insurance will covers expenses related to both healthy baby delivery options including caesarean and normal delivery.

If you have any health insurance, some of them will offer the maternity benefit as a rider or additional service and less the burden for your pocket. Even today, some corporates give their women employees to have the maternity insurance along with their health insurance policy.

Some benefits you may get from maternity health insurance are like pre and post hospitalization. It usually will cover the cost up to 30 days prior to the date of admission. The coverage is including nursing and room charges, surgeon fee, and doctor consultation and anaesthetist consultation as well. This following information may give you short explanation about insurance plans of maternity coverage.

Heartbeat Family Floater

It is an insurance offering you with best coverage for your maternity insurance and new born including three plans types such as silver, gold, and platinum. If you choose this plan, you may get special offering for your new born baby care like first year vaccinations. Overall, the three types of sub-plans give you special benefits up to two deliveries. You may get special offering of policyholder and spouse has been covering under the policy for two continuous years.

Royal Sundaram Master Product

This insurance is giving you total health plus coverage. You know, the Royal Sundaram General Insurance is like a complete insurance package. They offer gains up to Rs 30,000 until Rs 50,000. The Royal Sundaram General Insurance will offer you with such as coverage including maternity hospitalization and any complication before or after delivery time. Unfortunately, you can avail this maternity benefit only after expecting period of 3 years. Then, you should plan your pregnancy to make a nice plan with this maternity health insurance.

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ProHealth Plus Plan

If you are searching for best maternity insurance, you can choose ProHealth Plus Plan which gives you best offering by Cigna TTK Health Insurance including maternity, new born expenses and vaccination cover. There are several plans offered by this insurance which help you when you are pregnant.

Star Health Wedding Gift Pregnancy Cover

The Star Health offers you with best maximum coverage up to two deliveries. It is not only for normal delivery but also for the caesarean. If you experience pre and post-natal expenses, this Star Health insurance will coverage it as well. Moreover, any post-delivery complication also will be covered by this Star Health insurance. However, this insurance also has awaiting time for 3 years. There is coverage of new born expenses is available as well.

When you are pregnant, it is good for you to have special insurance for yourself and your baby. Thus, which maternity health insurance will you choose for you and your baby?

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