Lung Pain After Quitting Smoking

Lung Pain After Quitting SmokingAre you experienced a kind of lung pain after quitting smoking?

You probably wonder whether it is something normal or not. Undeniably, when smoking is already your habit, the decision to stop it tends to give your body bad feelings. One of them is that your lung feels so painful and not comfortable. This condition may make you not able to do the activities as well for sure. Here is then the explanation about the lung pain after not smoking.

Lung Pain after Quitting Smoking, Knowing the Lung Anatomy First

First of all, it is very important for you to know what inside your chest cavity. There are mainly heart and lung as well as bones, muscles, blood vessels, and other tissues. When one of them is in trouble, lung pain is the clinical sign that is often happened. In fact, almost all diseases and disorder around this area gives the same signs and effects. One of them is the feeling of pain. Therefore, are you sure that the pain is feeling due to the quit smoking? Don’t you really have any other diseases in this area like bronchitis, asthma, and others? If your medical history states that you suffer from a certain disease, it is possible that it is not a lung pain after quitting smoking but influenced by the disease you already have. So, why does it feel after stop smoking?

Lung Pain after Quitting Smoking, a Nicotine Addict

This is the most possible answer. You are already a nicotine addict. It is a condition when someone has been inhaled nicotine for a long time so that the body becomes so addicted. When you don’t smoke for a certain period, your body gives many reactions that are indeed torturing like dizzy, anxious, insomnia, easily tired, fatigue, and others. The effects can be different from one to another for sure. It depends on how long they smoke and the nature of their body health as well. The lung pain can be because the fact that your body is already addicted by nicotine. Once nicotine is gone from your chest area, pain is the reaction.

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Everyone Can Experience It

Smokers with medical histories like bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory disorder may experience the lung pain after not smoking the most. However, it doesn’t mean that people without the history cannot. The feeling of pain can be an indicator that your smoking habit is already severe and it really needs to stop. Your lung is probably already worse as well and the decision to quit smoking is the most precise.

How to Deal with It

It is still important to go to hospital and get the medical checkup to know what exactly going on to your lung is. You can find the right treatments and even medications. But whatever the results, it should not waver you from quitting smoking. Smoking is basically a really bad habit. Once your body is filled in by nicotine, many kinds of danger are already around you. Starting to apply healthy lifestyles like consuming healthy foods and exercising regularly is another good thing to do. Well, this is the explanation for lung pain after quitting smoking.

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