Laundry Detergent For Babies

New parent should read this recommended laundry detergent for babies in 2017. Get rid all of the epic mountains on your baby’s rooms or closets. Just deal with them with these recommended detergents. These detergents are very easy to find in some stores or markets. You can also find them on the Internet. Read them all as well as their descriptions below.

Charlie’s Soap

This is the favorite laundry detergent for babies. We recommend this detergent for some reasons. The first reason is about the safeness. For your information, this product doesn’t contain chemical and toxic elements. As a result, it really works well in our baby’s laundry. It is also safe for the environment.

The manufacturer claims that the detergent doesn’t have fragrance, as well as chemical brighteners. Although the detergent is a little bit smelly once you open it, the smell won’t be sticky with the laundry after all. Charlie’s Soap can be used for all your laundry and cloth diapers. Last reason is about its easiness on all clothes of baby. In other worlds, their clothes are durable all the time.

Biokleen Laundry Liquid

This laundry detergent for babies is a dye-free detergent, which is very subtle on the clothes. The Biokleen detergent offers long lasting and clean quality all the time. This one can be your alternative of Charlie’s Soap due to its price as well. Yes, it is also chemical and fragrance free. You may smell once you open it but it will be nothing after you mix with water and apply on the clothes. According to some reviewers, Biokleen is useful for babies who have sensitive skin. In other name, it is called eczema.


When you just have chemical detergent, why don’t you go with natural laundry detergent? Eco-Me is the answer of it. The detergent doesn’t contain dye, colorant, perfumes, fragrance, and even sulfates. The secret of its containers comes from plant-based and food-grade ingredients, which are very out-of-the box element among other detergents.

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In terms of efficiency, Eco-Me is the best one. Your baby’s clothes will last forever. Some reviewers claimed it lasts for months. Talking about baby’s clothes, you as the parent may be bothered with a few loads of laundry a week. This detergent works best for this issue. It is also no fragrance, which is the natural way for baby’s clothes.

Seventh Generation Free & Clear

The nasty stuff won’t be your problem anymore with the Seventh Generation Free & Clear detergent. This might be biased on your perspective but you will feel the same after proving it by yourself. The detergent is biodegradable. In other words, the substance of stains or other things on the clothes can be decomposed by bacteria or other living organism contained in the detergent.

For your information, it is made by plant-based ingredients. It is very environmentally-friendly. We have Eco-Me previously, but that brand only works for lightly-soiled clothes. On other hand, this detergent works for heavy stains like poop stains or spit-up. This one is effective for heavy-duty clothes and laundry.

That’s all recommended laundry detergent for babies that you can easily find on the stores. Hopefully, you won’t be wondered anymore to find the best detergent for your baby.

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