Most Intelligent And Beautiful Woman Writer In History

Most Intelligent And Beautiful Writer In History. What does that come to mind when I hear the word writer? Nerdy, Bold glasses, old clothing, like Betty La Fea? In fact, a writer, a poet, is a lot of beautiful and handsome.

Do not believe? Reported from List Maze is ten intelligent and beautiful woman writer who are not only endowed with the ability to string words but the statue is also able to divert the world of men.

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1. Hildegard Knef

hildegard knef intelligent and beautiful writer

Beautiful? Clear. German writer is not only the author but also work as an actress and singer. During his career as a writer, his works have become many best-sellers, and even his is given the praise that ‘his work is better than the average writings of celebrities.’

2. Elif Safak

elif safak intelligent and beautiful writer

This intelligent and beautiful writer besides writing in English, she also took out his work in Turkish. During his career, many awards have been obtained, including awards given directly by the French government.

3. Tasha Alexander

tasha alexander intelligent and beautiful writer

Do you know the New York Times? The fictional mystery of history that is often glorified in this news paper is the work of this seasoned writer. Tasha is renowned for his in-depth accuracy and research.

4. Alisa Ganieva

alisa ganieva intelligent and beautiful writer

This beautiful Russian writer was awarded Debut Literary Prize for his first article. In Russia alone, this girl occupies the number 9 most influential young and talented. Cool, right?

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5. Sahar Delijani

sahar delijani intelligent and beautiful writer

Sahar’s first novel has been published in more than 75 countries and 28 languages. Can you imagine how great the book is? Not only his book is translated into various languages, this girl herself can speak Farsi, English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Azeri.

6. Irina Denezhkina

irina denezhkina intelligent and beautiful writer

Another intelligent and beautiful writer from Russia. Irina is better known for its vulgar writing but which by critics called modern reality. He entered the list of best-seller nominations in Russia.

7. Stephenie Meyer

stephenie meyer intelligent and beautiful writer

Twilight movie lovers must already know this beautiful girl. Yup! The series, starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is adapted from the novel by Stephenie.

8. Kate Morton

kate morton intelligent and beautiful writer

Kate’s books have sold over 10 million copies in 38 countries. Kate has now become one of the famous writers who write the books most sought after by readers around the world.

9. Charlotte Bronte

charlotte bronte intelligent and beautiful writer

The children of literature must have memorized by heart. This girl who wrote Jane Eyre novel that is often used for the analysis of campus tasks. His books have been considered classic English and are used in school curricula.

10. Tristane Banon

tristane banon intelligent and beautiful writer

Another intelligent and beautiful writer who won the award for his first article. In addition to being a novelist, this French girl is also fond of writing on the news website Atlantico.

Those are the 10 most intelligent and beautiful women writers in history. If it is useful, please share it to your friends.

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