How To Know If You Have Breast Cancer

How To Know If You Have Breast CancerHow to know if you have breast cancer? A breast cancer is one of the dangerous cancers. It is important to keep your breast health and you need to aware of how your breasts usually look and feel. You cannot avoid if your breasts are changing. It may a symptom of breast cancer. Since a breast cancer is very dangerous, find the breast cancer symptoms as fast as possible will help the treatment. Thus, this following information about breast cancer will help you to know the symptoms or to avoid it.

As strange as it may sound, men are also susceptible to breast cancer. Although not familiar, breast cancer has been diagnosed in men, mostly 60s. Therefore, as a man, you should not feel free from the breast cancer stripes, always examine yourself and make appointments with your doctor in the first signs of anomalies.

The breast cancer signs and symptoms

The first think about how to know if you have breast cancer is to see the simple signs and symptoms happening in your breast. The first sign is about the changes in your breast size. If your breast is changing significantly only in short time, something wrong happens to your breast. Second, see your lump or area that feels thicker than the rest of the breast. If it feels different, then you need to check up to your doctor. A change in skin texture such as puckering or dimpling also can be the sign of breast cancer. You cannot avoid the signs of breast cancer such as a redness or reckless on the skin around your nipple. Make sure that your nipple is not inverted or looks different. You need to know that your nipple is not in different position or shape. It is only simple signs and symptoms usually happen if you have breast cancer. If you cannot check it by yourself, then go to hospital and visit your doctor to get exact result.

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The Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

The previous part already told you about breast cancer signs and symptoms. The next discussion of how to know if you have breast cancer is about the risk factors of breast cancer. In this part, you need to know about the risk factors of breast cancer. Most of people have a higher opportunity of having breast cancer while the others are not. You know that gender is influence the breast cancer. Women are more likely to build a breast cancer than men, but it does not mean that men cannot suffer from breast cancer. Your age is also a risk factor why you suffer from breast cancer. Your menstruation cycle can be a sign and risk factor to see whether you suffer from breast cancer or not. If you start your menstruation cycle before you were 12 years old or having a menopause sign more than 55 years older can be a sign of breast cancer.

Overall, you need to know how important to see if your breast is health or not since cancer is hard to cure. You may get best treatment to cure the cancer. But it is more important if you can avoid it. Thus, you need to know the signs or symptoms of breast cancer as important as to know the risk factor of breast cancer. Then, you can find the answer about how to know if you have breast cancer.

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