How To Get Someone to Quit Smoking

How To Get Someone To Quit Smoking
How To Get Someone To Quit Smoking

How To Get Someone to Quit Smoking. Due to the unhealthy of the smoking and the cost of smoking itself, a lot of people are trying their best to quit smoking once and for all. However, due to the power of nicotine addiction, a lot of people are unable to do that and failed in their quest of quit smoking. The moment the smoker’s body has become addicted due to long period of smoking, the bloodstream inside the smoker’s body would treat the nicotine as one of the compulsory element in the body.

Therefore, the lack of the usual element of nicotine would make the body has high intense of craving for the nicotine. If the nicotine is not a threat, then it will be alright to ignore it, however the fact stated the opposite. The excessive amount of nicotine could lead to a life threatening disease for a person.

So, this short article will cover few of the possible best best solution for a smoker to quit smoking as soon as possible and hopefully forever.

Quit Smoking Forever Resolve

The Obvious first step of quit smoking would be by building the resolve to quit smoking. The person need to have full resolve on quit smoking because obviously this is not going to be a walk in the park and there are more failed people than successful people in the world trying to quit smoking. It is also due to this condition, a lot of people who have succeeded in quitting smoking have written and share their method on method on how to get someone to quit smoking.

Personal Reasons for Quit Smoking

What is the reasons to quit smoking? Besides the long health problem, what is the other personal reason for you to quit smoking? This is one of the important points must be listed in order to further deepen the resolve the smoker need to quit smoking. Whenever the tease to resume the smoking habit occurred, it is necessary for the smoker to be reminded on why he/she start quitting to smoke in the first day. This will allow the smoker to strengthening their resolve when the moment of hesitation occurs.

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Create an Official Quit Smoking Target Date

Creating a target date on how long should the smoker to stop smoking or reducing the cigarettes consumption little by little each day. As any kind of program, a target is always a compulsory element for any program creator. This is certainly one of the most important step in the quit smoking program. The smoker need to make his/her own target period date of quit smoking. Therefore, with this method, the smoker could keep track of how long the smoker have absented from the activities of smoking has.

Tell Your Friends and Family

Should the smoker keep this quit smoking habit a secret? The answer is quite the opposite. The smoker should tell his/her friends and families that the smoker is trying to quit smoking. By doing this, the good friends of the smoker would obviously try their best and do whatever they could to help with the smoker to quit smoking and might even give suggestions and advise for the smoker. Therefore, no need to be shy and start telling other people about this good news.

Hopefully this short article would be able be a good reference for people who want to know how to get someone to quit smoking.

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