How Much Do Tattoos Cost

How Much Do Tattoos CostYou probably want to know how much do tattoos cost if you are thinking to have one. As one of the growing forms of art, tattoos are getting more popular than ever. In the ancient time, tattoos were only worn by warriors to show their bravery and courage.

But later on, in the past, tattoos were identical with criminals and bad people. It is only in the recent modern days that tattoos finally get a place in the society as a form of art. It is another form of freedom and liberation. You can express your style, desire, dream, and characteristic through this body painting. But then, how much money should you spend to have it done?

The Various Elements and Factors

You need to realize that the information about how much do tattoos cost depends on many factors. Most people don’t know that geography, parts of body, colors, size, and the expertise will determine the price.

The first element in determining how much do tattoos cost is the artist themselves. If you contact a well-known artist, especially the one with long years of experience and great skills, it is likely that you will be spending quite a lot. Most artists are charging you on hourly basis, which can go as low as $50 and as high as $300. It applies for general, standard size image. If you want a complicated customized tattoo, it is probable that you will be spending more than that – even up to thousands.

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The high rate stands for logical reasoning. First of all, you are using their expertise and skill – guaranteed by professional finish and outcome. A professional artist won’t lower their standard just to attract customers. They know that people are looking for quality and these people won’t mind spending a fortune – as long as they can get satisfying result.

The Contributing Factors

Here are other elements and factors that make up the facts about how much do tattoos cost:

  • Color. A black and white tattoo will cost less than the colored one. One color tattoo (let’s say all red tattoo or all blue tattoo) will cost less than the many colored tattoo. Aside from the fact that the artist will need to use more colors – even blend and mix them – don’t forget that colorful tattoos take longer time to finish, which is the reason why the price is high.
  • Tattoo placement. People may ask for uncommon areas for the tattoos, such as the neck or the inside part of the wrist. It takes longer time – as well as more complicated work – for these sensitive areas as the artist has to be extra careful.
  • The design. If you choose a design that has already been made, it may cost you less than having a custom design, especially if the custom design is super complicated and intricate.
  • Geography. Tattoo artists in big cities will charge you more than those in small cities. For instance, a standard tattoo in California may cost you $300 while getting the same tattoo in Arkansas may only cost you $150.
  • The size. Bigger tattoos require more time to complete. If you want a bigger tattoo with custom design and detailed intricate elements, it is definitely going to cost you more. Those are the factors of how much do tattoos cost.
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