How Long Does It Take To Quit Smoking

How long does it take to quit smoking? There is varies result that takes when someone decide to quit smoking. Some people are got sucked into endless circle from stopping the smoking habit and start again. For these people, the process of stopping smoking can be a lifelong process to end. Different with others smoker group, pregnant smokers are likely to have strongest motivation to stop due to her health and baby. For those who also have same problem to stop smoking, here are several tips that you can follow to stop smoking.

Start to Count How Long Does It Take To Quit Smoking

Are you ready now to stop smoking?  Then start to follow these easy tips to follow. This will help you to determine the difficult you will meet when you decide to quit smoking. In addition, this also can help you to determine how long does it take to quit smoking of you.

  • Be motivated to stay consistent with your commitment to quit smoking.
  • Understand the risk when you smoke. The risk that you get from smoke is damage more than you think. Even, it can affect to your family and friend that not smoke. Just because you smoke around them, you can make their health worst.
  • Talk to yourself and motivate yourself.

How Long Does It Take To Quit Smoking and Coping with the Strategies

How Long Does It Take To Quit Smoking01When you start your commitment to quit smoking, then you might find that there are more pressure, more stressful and more struggles to commit. Here are several ways that will help you to cope with your stress and problem when you decide to quit smoking.

  • Understand the risk when you smoke. When you decide to quit smoking, it means that you will remove your habit. This can be a big problem and create stress. There are several ways you can do for manage your stress. First, get rest enough and changes your way with healthy eating. Get lack of sleep and excessive in sugar becomes trigger for smoking. Second, if you feel oral craving for smoke, then you can use substitutes such as gum, carrot sticks, straws, raw vegetables, and many more.
  • Celebrate the victories from quit smoking. Do not be too focus on your struggle to quit smoking and ignore the achievement that you reach. When you stop to smoke, you might realize that you have surplus money because now you are not buying cigarette anymore. Take the money and buy something (of course, it is not a cigarette) for treat your success in certain period, such as a week or a month.
  • Self-care. Of course, this is the most crucial things that person who decide to quit smoking do. Get eat healthy and do not try diet when you quit smoking. Eat more vegetables and fruit is better.
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Of course, after this long argument and detail, now you know that people who decide to quit smoking need a strong motivation and consistency to quit smoking.

How long does it take to quit smoking will depend to smokers motivation to handle their craving to smoke and nicotine addiction. Different people will take different result of time to quit smoking.

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