Home Made Pregnancy Test That You Must Try

Home Made Pregnancy TestHome made pregnancy test did exist in our ancestor age. The women at that age would never know how to use over-the-counter pregnancy test or visit a doctor. They relied on those home-made things before everything we use on these days. Of course, it is a nature of women who want to get a certainty about their pregnancy. However, the methods of that will never the same. We are in modern era where everything can be done faster and easily. These DIY pregnancy tests will prove it wrong. You can make your own testers by yourself below, and let’s go back to nature.

Why Home Made Test is A Thing…

You may be wondering why we should consider the home made pregnancy test instead of consulting to doctor or pharmacy tool in ensuring the baby that we are carrying. We have the reasons below as follow:

  • Meeting a doctor may cost some budget.
  • There is no pharmacy or doctor.
  • The pregnancy may embarrass or not comfort you.
  • You prefer to provide natural childbirth and avoid some medical services.
  • Waiting the over-the-counter pregnancy or medical test may trigger anxiety to you.


Using bleach pregnancy test is like having two edges of blades. There are some advantages and disadvantages. We start from the good things first. Bleach is the most common thing that we can find in our home. Moreover, it is a household item usually found near the washing machine or kitchen sink. In other words, it is almost cheapest item that we can afford. That is the good thing.

How to use the bleach as home made pregnancy test? It is by pouring the bleach into a glass or container. Then, add the sample of your urine into that. Wait for a moment. If there are some foams and fizzy chemical reaction, it is the sign of your pregnancy. If there is nothing, you aren’t pregnant.

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The bad of using bleach pregnancy test is because there is no specific amount or portion that you must pour as well as the time when the reaction will happen. In addition, bleach is a dangerous substance that may cause fumes in captive room.


This may be the best DIY pregnancy test that you can do in your home. Unlike the first one, there is no risk by using sugar as your pregnancy test. You can find it in your kitchen or buy it on the store. Prepare a bowl and pour couple spoonful sugar into it. Urinate the bowl or add your urine onto the sugar. See the reaction of the sugar. If it makes clods or clumps, it is a good sign that you are pregnant. If there is no reaction, please consider that you aren’t pregnant. We advise using the morning urine because it will be more concentrated.


Last but not least, we use vinegar as the home made pregnancy test. This is the cheapest pregnancy test that you can afford when you are in a budget or in financial problem. Pour the vinegar in a cup and mix it with your sample of morning urine. Wait for a color change in the cup and you will know whether you are pregnant or not.

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