Herbs To Quit Smoking
Herbs To Quit Smoking

Herbs To Quit Smoking

We may find it so difficult when we are trying to stop smoking. Yup, it is normal because smoking is also considered as a habit. However, if you want to quit or stop smoking, we have some information which will be very helpful for you. Here, we are going to share you about the herbs to quit smoking which you can try.

Here, these herbs are easy to make and the materials are easy to find as well. So, if you have a willing to stop your habit, you can try the herbs we are going to share with you below.

1. Lobelia – Herbs To Quit Smoking

This is one of herbs to quit smoking which contains an active ingredient which is called Lobeline. Here, this substance is considered to reduce some effects which are caused by nicotine. The significant role of this substance is, it has a capability to release the dopamine in our body.

Here, you can find this herb in the market. Usually, Lobelia looks like vinegar. However, you have to make sure that you consume this herb in the right dosage. Why? Because Lobelia is pretty toxic. So, if you want to choose this herb, it is better for you to be assisted by a medical practitioner.

2. Ginseng – Herbs To Quit Smoking

Who doesn’t know this plant? Yup, it is a plant which comes from South Korea. Here, Ginseng has a capability to help your body re-establish the right cortisol levels in your bloodstream. Besides, this herb is also considered as a tonic for your adrenal glands. When you get stressed or other emotional problems, Ginseng can also help your body heal those problems. To consume Ginseng, you can add one or two teaspoons of ginseng (usually powder) to your meal. You can do it in the morning and add it in drink or food – breakfast time is the best time.

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3. Green Oats

You may not know that the Green Oats can also be an effective herb for those who want to stop smoking. According to the study which was conducted in 1971, it was said that the Green Oats have a capability to reduce the desire for nicotine. Besides, this herb can also help your body improve detoxification process. Not only that, Green Oats have another great effect for your nervous system. Here, they can act as a tonic which is helpful for your body.

4. Passion Flower

This flower, can help your body fight irritability and anxiety which accompany smoking cessation. Besides, this one of herbs to quit smoking can also give positive effects for those who experience restlessness and insomnia. When we are trying to quit smoking, we may experience the feeling of nicotine craving. But, you may not experience it if you choose Passion Flower as the herb to stop smoking. You can add this Passion Flower into a tea. However, because this herb has some side effects, it is better for you to take this Passion Flower with being assisted by a medical practitioner. In addition, Passion Flower isn’t recommended for breastfeeding or pregnant women.

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