Handmade Baby Blankets

Handmade Baby Blankets: A Warming Gift Of Love

Are you planning on making handmade baby blankets as gifts for your friends and family? What a wonderful idea, which will be enjoyed by all of them. Would you like a few ideas to make them special?

Before we get into discussing decorative touches, let us talk a little about the real recipient of this gift. The baby has very tender, soft, gentle skin. Sometimes this fact seems to get overlooked. You want to make sure any fabrics, yarn, or other materials you plan to use are very smooth, soft, and preferably made from natural fibers like cotton.

Cotton is one of the best fabrics to use for a baby. It absorbs moisture away from the baby including spit-up, leaky diapers, and their own perspiration. It allows air to move easily against their body, helping to keep them drier, which increases their ability to both stay cool or warm. Decorative items on the blanket can be made of other fabrics, but still make sure they are soft and gentle on the skin.

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Now, since you are on the right track for fabrics and materials, we can discuss some fun ideas. How are you planning to decorate the blanket?

Some of the favorite ideas include baby animals, cartoon characters, balloons, angels, and circus themes. All of these ideas usually work great in the baby nursery. You can choose to buy a fabric with these already printed on them and then stitch or quilt the blanket to highlight the items, or you can create you own characters with patchwork quilting, or fancy stitching.

One item mothers really appreciate on handmade baby blankets is the inclusion of their baby’s name, birth date, and possibly even their height and weight. It helps to make this minky baby blanket exclusive to this precious little baby gifts.

As you are considering what styles and patterns to use, you may want to quiz the mother, or grandmothers a little. Ask what kind of theme they have selected for their nursery. Do not be surprised if there is no theme. Many parents just go with the flow, and decorate with what they receive through gifts and showers. This would be your invitation to have fun creating the handmade blankets, and choose the style you love the most.

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If you are still unsure, take a few moment to think about the mother, and what kinds of things she loves. What would she choose for stuffed animals, decorations, and other items. Not that you should exclude the father’s thoughts, but you probably already know, his opinion may not carry as much weight in the selection of items for the baby gifts, it is just a fact of nature.

One thing you can be sure of, your handmade baby blankets are going to be greatly appreciated. Parents never have enough blankets and wraps for their infants, and always want something special when they are taking the baby out. This is especially true if they are going out to visit relatives. Your handmade blanket will be one of the first choices they grab for those special days.

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