Good Baby Shower Gifts

good baby shower giftsNot all new mothers or moms know some good baby shower gifts for their babies. Moreover, the season is currently happening now. Let’s say they have known some stuffs, but not all of the stuffs may be useful for the babies. In this article, we would open your mind and help those who scramble to find useful shower gifts for their little babies.

One-Piece Bodysuits (Onesies)

This might be a common thing for babies but most mothers don’t know the importance of onesies after all. Onesies is an infant’s one-piece close-fitting lightweight garment. This garment usually has sleeves without leg covers. The mother has to snap it up at the crotch. There are many baby stores that offer onesies. However, the variations aren’t much. They usually come with one color only. As a good mother, you have to know how to buy onesies. The colors are also important to keep your baby’s mood. Some color variations may help. After they have their showers, you can dress them with their favorite onesies.

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Video Baby Monitor

The next useful and good baby shower gifts is a video baby monitor. This is an essential device that you can use to monitor your baby while you aren’t near her or in the room. In this modern era, we live in a world where technology has been growing so fast. Some modern video baby monitors have useful features such as video, temperature display, two-way communication and many more. So, you will never have much worry to know what happen in your baby’s room. Some baby monitor can also play lullabies. It also shows what’s going on through the camera and monitor.

Baby Carrier

It isn’t a secret anymore that babies want to be held by their parents all the time. In fact, we can’t do that without baby carrier. So, why don’t we buy some carrier as good baby shower gifts for that? It is very essential for us to stay connected with our baby. Moreover, the baby will feel more comfortable and snug in our hug. One important thing when it comes to choose the best carrier is the material that covers it. We advise lightweight fabric for new parents or moms who want to buy it. Keeping it as stylish as possible is also essential since we have to go outside while holding our baby.

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Infant Tub

This is the most important, useful and good baby shower gifts for new moms. We can use normal or mature tube instead. However, the features might not as sophisticated as infant tube. Modern infant tub has some features like beeping when it is too hot, remove dirty water, or flow fresh water that are paramount for new parents who don’t know how to conduct baby’s bath-time. It is also simpler so that those stressful moments won’t appear.


Those are four useful and good baby shower gifts for new moms and parents who look for the best gifts on the store now. Hopefully, they become your best ideas and increase your experience as new parents. Don’t forget to check out other tips in this site.

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