Girl Scout Summer Camp Tips For Parents

summer camp for kidsThe camp season is coming, and these Girl Scout summer camp tips for parents are ready to help preparing your lovely girl for their first overnight camping. Of course, every parent doesn’t want to ruin up the Girl Scout camp. But, they always worry about what and how to prepare their kids. Check them all one by one below.

Prepare their Manners

Before zipping that duffle bag, teach your beautiful girl how to show some manners. In other words, they have to know what to say when they have to say thank you or excuse me. We recommend some simple words only due the capability of them in learning something. This first-thing-first really works in providing better camping experience for them.

Know The Basics

The basics here refer to what your girls have to do as a camper. Teaching them how to tie their own shoes by their own really helps your daughters to experience their camp especially for the first timers. The basics like how to button their clothes, wash their hands, or carry their stuff must be taught couple days or weeks before the summer camp.

Preparing doesn’t Mean Buying Something New

This is one of important Girl Scout Summer Camp tips that the parents must know. We all know that the camp can be very dirty both for us and our girls. It means that day campers may come back home with stained or smelled clothes. To trick this out, you should prepare some old clothes that you don’t care if your girls come back home with dirty clothes. It doesn’t mean you as their parents buy some new clothes because it may be cost you more money.

Bring Necessary Things Only

The next tip that may usually be ignored by parents who prepare their Girl Scout Summer camp is to prepare the things or stuff. Please don’t be over-packed because it will ruin your girl’s camp obviously. Make sure they are all accessible easily so that your girls can take or keep them easier. Important things are like underwear, shorts, socks, or gloves. To make the stuff accessible, you can roll them all in T-shirts or jackets. Asking her to watch the packing process is also necessary in order to notice her where the stuff is.

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Tell About Homesickness

Girl Scout Summer camp is always full of activities so that homesickness might not be an issue for your girl. However, we can’t avoid this thing happen during her camp. So, telling her about homesickness from the beginning will help them to encounter this issue. Remind them that homesickness always appears when someone leaves her home. You shouldn’t tell how to solve it because everyone knows her own way to solve homesickness.

Practice and Practice

Something won’t be perfect without any practice. So will the Girl Scout Summer camp. Practicing it doesn’t mean you have to conduct a camp in your house. But, providing some activities that are similar with the camp activities might help. Practice about how to clean the dish or clothes. It helps them to be more independent during their camp.

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