Funeral Gift Ideas Instead Of Flowers

unique sympathy giftsWhat will you give to the family when you have to choose the funeral gift ideas instead of flowers? In some countries, giving flowers as a gift in a funeral is like tradition. Even, it is one of the common traditions in UK. Usually friends, family, or other people will prepare flowers or send floral tributes directly to the bereaved to show their sympathy. Even if you like, you can send the flower directly to the funeral director so it can be included in the service.

However, if you feel that it does not right to give funeral flowers because you think that it is useless and you want to give something unique to show that you are care, there are many options you can choose. Just follow this several options then you will give something different, unique but simple to show your care.

Cooking Some Foods

Cooking a delicious food can be an option for you to give the best gift instead of flowers. For example you can make a lasagna or sweet food like muffin for your bereaved friend to show your sympathy. It is more useful than when you only give flowers. It will help them so much. You will also show your support to your friend. If you want to make a healthy food, then send them a basket of fruits. Do not forget to send the condolence message as well.

A Potted of Plant

Sometimes why you search for funeral gift ideas instead of flowers, because flowers will die soon and it is useless. Thus, you need to give something stand for long like a potted of plant. It depends on you what kind of plants is it. You can give a flower plant or other plant. To make it easy, you can choose your loved one favorite plant. Indeed it makes you sad, but at least it stays long-lasting than just a bouquet of flowers. You can choose this idea as the best option.

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Giving a Charitable Donation

Sometimes, people prefer to make a charitable donation instead of buying flowers. If you just confused, then you can choose this option as funeral gift ideas instead of flowers. It is worthier than when you only give a bouquet of flower. It is good when the person who died was because of a particular illness. Making donation to charities for researching cure is great ideas.

Giving a Candle

Do you know that giving a candle can be a positive way to remember a love one? It reflects positive way even some countries are traditionally giving candle as best gift. Moreover, it is longer-lasting than flowers. If each of people who come at the funeral give a candle, it is even better because you will see something different. A pretty funeral will make your bereaved friend feels better to see it.

Actually, whatever you give to your bereaved friend is okay and up to you. As long as you give it with all of your heart, it will show that you are care. But, you can follow that suggestion if you are searching for funeral gift ideas instead of flowers.

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