10 Fun Facts About Free Things To Do In Europe

Anieshablog Free Things To Do In Europe European Best DestinationsTen Free Things to Do in Europe – While backpacking across Europe used to be possible for dollars a day, it seems that such a possibility doesn’t exist anymore. As the ancient continent has become more appreciated for its beauty and diversity, the prices have responded.

While there are still hostels for reasonable prices as well as markets and bakeries for cheaper food, there are plenty more opportunities to spend quite a bit. What it seems is most difficult to do is to see the sights without blowing your budget out of sight. There are charges to see many of the most famous pieces of architecture and art–it is true. Luckily, there have been some great prizes left open to the public for free. Read below to find out about many of the opportunities, for seeing and doing that is still possible on a budget in Europe.

1. Castles

Many castles in Germany do charge an entrance fee, as they should. The villas are beautiful and so unique that it is worth some money to get to see the inside. To look at them for free, just take a driving tour. Also, it will be worth your time to investigate lesser-known castles. These are usually open to the public for a less involved walking tour. Don’t expect to have access to every part, but while just asking for donations, the proprietors of several not so famous castles are more than happy to let you take a peek.

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2. Historic Sites

Europe has a rich history that many Americans are not accustomed to. Since the United States is only a couple of hundred years old, a native will be astounded at the incredible age of the relics in Europe. The Roman Forum dates back to the founding of Rome. As the commercial center of the city, it is built as a masterpiece. You can go for free and imagine the hustling people all over the stonework.

3. Museums

There are a plethora of museums all over Europe because there is so much to know about the many countries within it. Like the castles though, many museums cover information about such famous events or people that they must charge to work a little bit of crowd control. Try looking into small towns and villages through, and you’ll be sure to stumble onto a local history museum that won’t cost anything but the time it is well worth.

4. Walks

It’s true that you can even be charged to walk up, around or to some places in Europe. There are a few select choices, though, that are still available for free. Going on some walks will lead you to a magnificent view of a fascinating history. The famous Roman road is usually opened up to traffic, but on Sundays, cars cannot travel this historical pathway. On that day, free of charge, you can walk the road and discover old treasures along the way.

5. Festivals

Read a Shakespeare comedy, and you will know about Europe and celebrations. During special times of the year, you can join the festivities. There are of course charges for food and games, but watching the spectacular sight of traditional celebration is free to anyone who would like to enjoy it.

6. Beautiful Architecture

Europe is home to some of the nicest and varied architecture in the world. Because the historic buildings span such a large amount of time, the design makes up a cornucopia of dazzling sights. Walk down any street, and you will appreciate the incredible construction, but none of it will compare to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. This structure is open to the public for outside and inside views.

7. Exhibitions

As in any country, the countries in Europe are ever changing and developing. Because of the history and background of Europe, there are many emerging artists still residing in the various art hubs. If you happen to run into an advertised display for a new artist, enjoy the treat of something new that has come out of something old. These are almost always free unless you decide to buy a piece.

8. Art Galleries

It is not just the developing art that you can see for free. Some ancient displays are also available for anyone to visit. Nicola Salvi’s fountains are always open to the public. While you are in Rome, don’t miss this beautiful display of a master’s work.

9. Habits of Royalty

The London Guard is a significant entity. It has been personified hundreds of times in movies, but nothing compares to seeing the serious and incredibly professional changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. This event is also free to the public.

10. Other Unusual Events

Don’t fill up your schedule all the way when you visit Europe. The continent is full of such diverse and vibrant cultural experiences that there is sure to be something new happening all the time. Look online for regional celebrations in the area you will be visiting. While you are there, just keep your eyes and ears open for news of something going on.

There are much more things to do in Europe for free than those listed here. Depending on where exactly you plan to visit, there will be local attractions perfect for your trip and budget. The first thing that to remember about free attractions is that they do cost some time. Crowds fill up space quickly, so make sure to keep your schedule flexible. You are on vacation after all! You may also like to read Be Flexible and You Can Realize Great Travel Savings.

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