Expecting A Baby A Time of Excitement And Nervousness

Expecting A Baby Time Of Excitement And Nervousness
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When you are expecting a baby every passing day brings new challenges, new excitement, and sometimes new fears.

Expectant moms, you are the ones experiencing the most amazing changes. Your body is going through massive changes. Your hormones are going crazy, and you can feel those mood changes happening right along with them.

Along with mood changes, you get to discover how interesting food is suddenly becoming. What tasted great yesterday smells horrible today. Then you sit down in a restaurant and as you browse the menu you see that item you always said you would never try, and today it sounds delicious. You order it, and it tastes like heaven. You think you have just discovered a new type of food to love, until the next time you try it, and it truly is horrendous. It is not you, your body is just working to make you crazy.

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If that was not enough, as your baby and your body grows, you are going to discover all kinds of new aches and pains. You never had any idea your back could be this tired and sore everyday. You did not know your stomach could feel so tight. Breathing is going from being easy and relaxed to suddenly feeling shallow. Your hips ache as they begin to widen and have the weight of the baby pushing down.

Then you feel it. Expecting a baby is filled with the excitement of feeling your baby move. The gentle, and sometimes powerful movements. You know there is a life growing and preparing to enter your arms. Your heart races with excitement.

You go in for the first ultrasound and see your little baby which is growing in your womb. You cannot believe the miracle happening inside of your body.

At night, as you lay quietly in bed, sometimes the fears begin to creep in. Is the baby really healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes? Are we really ready? Can we really afford to support our baby? Did we buy diapers? Will I know when labor starts so we get to the hospital on time? What if my Doctor goes on vacation? Let those fears go, you will know when labor starts, you are ready, diapers can be bought later, the Doctor has a backup, your baby is going to be healthy. Besides, your husband is just as worried as you are, let him take care of the worrying, he needs to do something.

How do you balance all of these feeling when you are expecting a baby? You do not want to. You want to feel everything, to experience every glorious moment. Yes, even the fears and concerns because it is part of the experience. Those body aches are necessary as your body changes and prepares. Try to stay positive knowing the pains are telling you your body knows what to do. Record every one of those exciting moments and feelings, you are going to want to remember them in the upcoming years. All of these feelings are nothing compared to what you are going to feel when you hear the first cry, and your baby is placed on your waiting stomach.

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