Some Fun Baby Names and Their Meanings

Exotic Baby Names
Thingking Of Exotic Baby Names

Choosing exotic baby names for our children can be fun. The names are more unique, more fun, and give our baby a little extra style. Sometimes, we forget to check into the meanings of these names and later on we get a big surprise.

Let us take a look at a few of the exotic baby names from around the world, and what those names really mean. We will start off with a few boys names:

Pedro – Spanish in origin – Pedro is another form of Peter, which has come to symbolize the rock. This idea come from the Bible where Jesus declared Peter would be the rock his church would be built upon.

Enzo – A French Name – If you name your little guy Enzo, watch out. This name means ruler of the house, and as we all know, this is sometimes what our babies and children become.

Yosef – A Hebrew Name – Most of us would guess this is Joseph, but the name is unique. This is a great name for an infant meaning “God Will Increase”, a great blessing in your home.

Angelo – A Spanish Name, Very popular in the Philippines – This name means messenger. Hopefully your baby will be a messenger of fun and good times, not of constant crying to keep you awake.

Now let us take a look at a few of the exotic girls names and their meanings:

Femi – From Egypt – This name means love. Exactly what we hope to experience from our little girls.

Elina – A Russian Name – Elina means the shining light. Are you wanting your little girl to light up your life?

Mia – Of Latin origin – Mia means mine. You will need to decide if this means she is your daughter, or whether she is going to run around with all the toys yelling “mine, mine, mine”.

Valdis – An Icelandic Name – This name is one of those you might really wonder about. Part of the name comes from Goddess, just what your little girl will be to you. The other part comes from the dead. Possibly this is the warning how you will feel after walking the floor for hours trying to get her to sleep.

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As you can see, exotic baby names are fun, beautiful, and often have meanings we would not have expected. When you start making your list of names, take the time to track down the meaning behind the names. This should not be your main deciding point, but it can be fun to know. You can then record the meaning into a baby book, and be able to examine how the name fits your child as they start to grow. There will be those years, like the terrible twos, where no name can fits the terror they bring into your life, and other years they are the perfect angels. Hopefully the name you select stays music to your ears through all the upcoming years.

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