Engagement Ring Financing

Engagement Ring Financing
Engagement Ring Financing

There are certain times when you know there is almost nothing that wouldn’t have to make the woman of your life happy. One of these times is when you want to buy an engagement ring. When you present the ring to her, you want it to be perfect. There is a small problem. You have funding problems.

The standard rule is to spend two or three months of salary in the perfect diamond ring. Of course, if you are listening to the wise words of Michael Scott from the office, you’ll pass wage three years off.

Thus, the big question is: how to face this once-in-a-lifetime ring?

Financing An Engagement Ring

If you are preparing for the big question, but they are working on a budget, here are some creative ways to financing engagement ring.

Save on daily expenses – Even though you may think that touch the extra money be used for coffee in the morning is too small to make much of a difference, it can definitely add up over time.  Saving that little amount each day, you can definitely add to its budget ring. To start daily save unnecessary expenses, gather all your receipts for the last month. You can pay more than what counts for your morning coffee, dinner, pay-per-view channels, and clothing.

Use eBay to your help – Now is the perfect time to search for its unit of storage, basement and attic for items not used or potentially profitable. Place products on sites like eBay to add more money to your savings account. Not be very well with computers? Try to have a good old fashioned instead garage sale.

Sacrifice – For a little while before you buy the ring, take some personal sacrifices. If your birthday or a holiday approaching, ask your family and friends gifts in cash rather than natural gifts. With this additional money in your savings account, you will be one step closer to affording the perfect ring.

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Short-term investments – Need to make a lot of money in a short period of time? Consider investing in a little CD. Types of research online and banks around your local area for investment opportunities.

Sell gold – Do you have well-broken gold jewelry lying around your House? Maybe you still have that thick gold wallet chain, or the broken gold watch from your ex-girlfriend gave you at the University or high school. Although it may seem like these are worth, there are many buyers of gold who would love to pay you for them.

While you are looking for ways to generate a bit of extra money to engagement ring financing, make sure that you have realistic expectations. It may be nice to buy her a ring worth much money, but if you cannot afford it, you need to choose a ring in your price range. Even if you have to choose a smaller ring now, you can replace it easily in 15 or 20 years when your career has advanced, and more money is being made.

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