Eczema On Baby’s Scalp

What is Eczema on Baby’s Scalp? The first thing you need to know is about the eczema itself. What does it look like? Commonly, the eczema will look like as patches of red or dry skin. It can happen in any area of your baby body. It does not matter where the eczema is, the appearance will be similar. Sometimes, you can see that the skin is always itchy and rough as well.

Do you know that the eczema cab run in the families? It means that in your family like dad or mom has eczema, you baby can have the same problem as well. Especially when the skin is barrier or the skin cannot keep moisture. It can be the causes of baby eczema. Overall, if you see your baby has eczema in the baby’s scalp, it is the common type of seborrheic dermatitis and the most unwelcome symptom is dandruff.

The Eczema on Baby’s Scalp Symptoms

It is very easy to know whether your baby has eczema or not in their scalp. The common symptoms of the eczema will like a red and scaly, looks flaky, greasy or even waxy. If you see it, you may realize that it is very itchy and even oozing or have ‘weeping’ lesions. In certain conditions, it is producing blisters. You should be careful because the eczema can cause a discharge from the ear until the scalp into the ear canal. Sometimes, the skin is changing after healing.

However, not all that symptoms are about eczema. Sometimes if your baby has allergic contact dermatitis like inflammation because allergic reaction, or atopic eczema, it has similar symptoms. Just go to your doctor to make it clear before it worse. Do not let your baby feels uncomfortable because this eczema on the scalp.

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Eczema on Baby’s Scalp Causes

There are many factors which can make your baby suffering from eczema. It can happen because over production of sebum, fungus of Malasezia, or worsen dandruff symptoms. Indeed it is not understood but sometimes the changes in the weather, stress, and even family history can be the causes of eczema. If your baby skin is having greasy hair or skin, very dry skin, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, heavy sweating, exposure or irritant are some potential causes of eczema.

The Treatment

If your baby is suffering from an irritation and an itchy scalp, you can give any medicated dandruff shampoo. A dandruff shampoo ingredient contains with zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid, and even ketoconazole. It may help you to heal the ease inflammation and get rid of flaky or scaly skin for two or three times a week. However, because it is for you baby. You need to ask your doctor. You baby skin just too sensitive. You cannot give any dandruff shampoo as you like or you will make the eczema worse.

In certain condition, you cannot give treatment by your opinion without listening your doctor or dermatology because it happens to your baby not your scalp. Just make it simple but always careful to treat the eczema on baby’s scalp.

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