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Depression Symptoms Headache and the Following Symptoms

Many of us today suffer from depression symptoms headache and do not know how to reduce the pain. Usually when we are depressed, there are some symptoms we usually feel and the pain usually happen in your head or you are suffering from headache because you are depressed. It will feel worse when you are depressed than when you are in normal condition. You may wonder why one of the common symptoms of having depression is headache. Actually, our body is connected to each other especially pain and mood are actually connected the same part of the brain. Thus, when you are depressed, you will suffer from headache as well. Thus, this following paragraph will tell you about headache and depression.

Depression and Headache

There are some studies showing that 40% of people suffering from migraine have comorbid depression. The researcher finds that there is linking migraine with some kinds of comorbid psychiatric and somatic disorders and from stroke to anxiety disorder. There is also evidence showing that more than 11% participants who are suffering from migraines also suffer from more than one kind of symptoms including mood disorder, ranging from major depression to panic disorder.

However, when you are depressed, you will not only suffer from depression symptoms headache. There other symptom you may feel such as joint pain, digestive problems, chest pain, and back pain.

Do you know that stiffness, inflammation, and damage to joint cartilage are also the symptoms of depression?

Even some studies show that people with fibromyalgia are 3 until 4 times more suffering from depression than they who do not. Sometimes, not only headache will attack you, digestive problem sometimes following including bloating, constipations, and irritable bowls.

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Is your chest in pain? You will find that there is a study telling about the intimate connection between depression and cardiovascular health including your chest. In America, according to study from National Institute of Mental Health who study people with heart disease experience. The studies engage Americans who has hearth disease experience depression compared to the people without heart disease. It shows that they who experience hearth disease depression tend to have more cardiac symptoms and it is dangerous for your heart. Though there are no scientific evidences that when you are depressed, you will suffer from back pain as well. Most of us sometimes feel it when we are depressed and it is very uncomfortable. Now, you know when you are depressed some symptom will follow including depression symptoms headache.

Depression and Pain Treatment

There are many treatments to help you reducing the pain or your headache.  Sometimes, you can do exercise regularly or have a yoga class and calm down yourself. You need to see the range of your depression. If you cannot find the way out, you can have a cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, psychotherapy, relaxation therapy, and complementary therapy. Do not ask for any medicine before you try a better treatment like yoga. First of all, you need to know what makes you depress. That’s all about depression symptoms headache. Also read 30 ways to deal with depression.

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