Depression Symptoms From Birth Control

There are depression symptoms from birth control which attacks women. Sometimes after married and have a child, those women will take birth control so they will not have child in short period. Unfortunately, when you are taking a birth control program, you can suffer from depression.

What is depression? Shortly, a depression is like more than a temporary case of the blues. You can say that depression is a mood disorder which is usually characterized with long-term feelings of sadness and disinterest. Some following symptoms may happen when you are depressed including persistent sadness, persistent anxiety, and feel of hopelessness or pessimism. Sometime you are also can suffer from irritability, fatigue, decreased energy, difficulty concentrating, and many more. Thus, let see simple explanation about depression symptoms from birth control.

Depression Symptoms from Birth Control

You may wonder is there a link between birth control pills and depression? One of the simple ways to do birth control is having birth control pills. However, when you want to take birth control program you need to know the side effect from the pills. Most of the birth control pills side effect is about depression and mood swings. Yet, the researchers have not find the evidence to prove or to disapprove a link. Even, the researchers are often conflicting.

When women try to stop using birth control pills, it is because they are feeling so depressed. Even there are certain pills which are a combination birth control and it will make you feel so depressed than similar group of women who do not take it. If you are not satisfied with it, you may open a recent study published in the Archives Gynecology and Obstetrics or AGO. This study also cannot find clear evidence about it.

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The sign of depression symptoms from birth control

What kind of signs when we are depressed? Indeed, there is no significant link between women feeling depressed and taking birth control pills. However, some women tell that when they start to take birth control pills, they feel depressed. Based on AGO study, most of people sometimes inconsistent when they are using a word of ‘depression’. It could be the variants of the pill formulation. The best sign you may see when you are depressed is mood swings. Furthermore, some studies show that when women take birth control pills, it could improve mood swings as well.

You have to understand that have a depression symptom is not a light problems. It can be very serious problems. It will ruin your life and you may take a short way with suicide. Thus, when you are having some depression symptoms, you need to ask your doctor for a referral to a mental health professional. Sometimes, your doctor will give you suggestion for best treatment you should have like therapy or antidepressant medications. They will help you to get better and find the source of your depression. You can help yourself first since you know better than other people about your body, but if the symptoms are worse and you think it is because depression symptoms from birth control, you have to ask your doctor quickly.

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