Dangers Of Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Dangers Of Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey1
Dangers Of Quitting Smoking

Dangers of quitting smoking cold Turkey. Many people in the world have regretted the day they start enjoying the addictive fragrant and scent of a cigarettes. Because cigarettes not only proves to be a danger to the smoker him or herself but also proves to be quite costly for people with tight budget as well.

Therefore, a lot of smoker tries to quit smoking before it is too late for them. However, it is not that easy to be able quit smoking once the smoker is already addicted to the nicotine embedded within the cigarettes. A lot of harsh withdrawal symptoms which would make the smoker back to their smoking habit again. So a lot of method have been invented to aid a smoker to stop smoking once and for all.

What is Quit Smoking Cold Turkey?

First of all, it is necessary to understand the meaning of what does it mean by quit smoking cold Turkey before further delve into the dangers of quitting smoking cold Turkey? “Quit Smoking Cold Turkey” is a phrase meaning quitting on smoking without any aid of medication smoking quitting drugs and any other kind of professional quitting drugs therapy. In short, this is one of the method of smoke quitting which is based purely on the willpower of the quitting person only.

The Symptoms of Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Before trying to act on the program of quit smoking Cold Turkey, it is important to know and fully understand the possible withdrawal symptom of the method itself. These are the usual symptom of withdrawal to the quitting person:

  • Highly intense of craving for smoking due to the effect of Nicotine.
  • Feeling of boredom, anxiety, irritability, stressed, and restlessness will haunt the person night and day.
  • Sleeping trouble such as having a nightmares and horrible dream will haunt the quitting person at night time in daily frequency.
  • Headache and dizziness will accompany the quitter whenever the craving for nicotine is invoked.
  • The quitting person also would have hard time in concentrating on their job. The reason is that the mind would be thinking of smoking most of the time.
  • Internal problem such as insomnia, sore throat, dry mouth usually would also haunt the quit smoking person.
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Overall these are the symptom of a person would usually have to experience to quit smoking once and for all. But, why would there be a danger in using this method?

The Dangers of Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Dangers Of Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey2
Dangers Of Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

What is the danger of quitting smoking cold turkey? What is wrong with this method which would make it dangerous?

The answer is because of the withdrawal symptom. The variation of the withdrawal might cause a person to lose control of him/herself. Especially with one of the symptom which might possibly cause high agitation toward the person. The person might find little trivial things to be highly annoying and agitating. Due to that, it is possible for the agitated person to channel their rage to other people.

There is no limit to what a highly enraged person will do. A human consumed with agitation and rage might act only based on its basic animal instinct and be totally out of control. Quitting smoking cold Turkey means quitting by yourself without the involvement of any medical professional staff.

Therefore, the quitting person would have to gone through the withdrawal process without being supervised by any other medical person. So if the quitting person would to lost control, then it would totally up to the quitting person only to regain his/her composure back. Therefore, it is highly advised for the people who decide to use this method of “quitting smoking cold turkey” to properly plan the program method to ensure the higher chance of success and the safety for the quitting person’s nearest people and family.

Hopefully this short article would help the people who are going to try the method know the possible dangers of quitting smoking cold Turkey.

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