The Benefits from Combining Fitness with Health

Fitness HealthCombining fitness with health is not as easy as you see. You need to understand that having healthy body is not same with having physically fit. If you try to make it balance which means to have both fitness and health, you will tend to live a lot longer than others.

When you want to have a healthy body, you just need to consume healthy food or having a high quality diet. It is different with having a physically fit. Then, it is important to combine fitness and health in your daily life. Thus, this following information may give you little explanation the goodness of combining fitness with health.

Benefits of having both fitness and health

If you can balance both fitness and health, then you can reach or maintain your healthy weight. You know that our body is like a machine. It is a machine which uses unwanted fat to change into energy. Having regular exercise and high quality diet will help you to reduce the unwanted and undesired body fat. You can complete your high quality diet with organic fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and even healthy grains and nuts as well. However, you need to be careful because sometimes there is a food which makes you allergy.

It is important to see how much calories you will consume everyday as your high quality diet. Based on Body Mass Index (BMI), women are better to consume calories between 1300 and 1800cal/day while men should consume calories between 1500 and 2500/day. You can reduce just 500 calories every day to lose your weigh safely.

Sometimes you need to avoid scales. Some people may get motivated after standing on scales and see their weight while the other depressed. The best thing you need to try: avoiding stand on the scales. Losing your weight is not easy as it looks. You need to maintain your diet and your exercise because you need to eliminate calories and burn the unwanted fat in your body. You do not need to stand on scale during this time because it will not show how much weight has been lost exactly.

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There are other benefits you may get from combining fitness with health including have thinner appearance and better muscle tone, increase vigor and energy, reduce risk from many chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and many more. When you can make it balance, then you may improve the metabolism of your body including the insulin sensitivity. This make your body maintain its ideal weights, prevent your body from metabolic syndrome, and even diabetes type 2. You never know that having good fitness and health also will help you to have better sleep, improving your immunity, and reduced your stress.

Actually, it is easy to have both fitness and health in our daily life. We can have high quality of our diet with choosing fresh food which contains of balance nutrition and vitamin. For the simple exercise you may choose aerobic or stretching as well. Overall, combining fitness with health is very important.


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