Celebration of Life Service Planning

Celebration Of LifeA celebration of life ideas in one of the best idea to say good bye to someone you love so much. Some people may try to have good funeral or even burial. Yet, if you choose to give your loved one best reception, then you can choose to make a celebration of life ideas. These following tips may give you a new idea.

You Can Share Stories about the Loved One

The first thing you can do as celebration of life ideas is share a story about your loved one. Sometimes it is not easy to remember someone who passed away. Yet, it is the best way you can do to host and open microphone. When the friends of yours want to share short stories, just let them to do so. You may cry and smile at the same time, but you will remember it and you can be grateful with everything. You may never know that friends and even family will be so happy to hear short stories of their loved one.

Plant a Tree or Flowers

Some cemetery may allow you to plant a tree or even flowers like a small park. It symbolizes a beautiful gesture of love. You can do it by yourself or asking for some helps to the guest to share in the ceremony. Actually, it is up to you. Yet, if you have an idea to plant a tree, you will make it different and everyone will remember it as well as they will remember the loved one.

Make a Memorial Video or Photo

You should keep everything in safe place because a memory is very important. Sometimes you may need it. Making a memorial video from their entire life, start from their childhood until you cannot see them anymore. It is a great idea since you will remember each of the memories. It is okay if you are crying to see it. You can make it as your last gift.

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Decide the Theme

Of course you know the favorite color, sport team, animal, or hobby of your love one. You can choose one of it as the theme of your last gift. It is like you give all your best to create special reception. If you cannot do it by yourself, then ask the guest. For example you can ask them to bring yellow flowers. It is okay if you want to share your memories when you spent your time with your loved one with all the guests. Make it simple but everyone will remember it as last gift to your loved one.

Write Down your Loved One’s Name for Certain Donation

You can use the memorial money sent by friends and family or your loved one’s personal belongings to donate in certain donations. Even, if you want to make it more special, you can ask the guests to bring special gift which can be donated to your loved one’s favorite cause. You can write the name of your loved one for this donation. That’s all about the best celebration of life ideas you can try.

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