Brazilian Body Wave Hair Care

If you are looking for a way to care for your curls or waves, you should read further about Brazilian body wave hair care. On the contrary to the general belief, curly hair doesn’t have to be coarse, frizzy, or dry. The Brazilian body wave is one of the best examples, where you can have the shiny, soft, and healthy waves that improve also your appearance and confidence. However, you should pay attention to the proper care and treatment so the waves remain shiny and glowing.

About the Waves

One signature characteristic of the body wave hair is the unique S pattern that will go through deeply in the shiny hair. It feels soft and also smooth to the touch. And the waves certainly make your appearance look more glamorous in a subtle way. The Brazilian loose wave, on the other hand, is another wavy pattern that looks more luxurious and extravagant. It is excessively shiny at first but after several washes, it will look more natural. In short, you still know the proper Brazilian body wave hair care if you want to have the hair – and maintain your appearance.

Caring and Maintenance Tips

Brazilian BodyWave Hair
Brazilian Body Wave Hair

The first rule of taking care of your hair extension is never to have it dyed. You need to remember, no matter how virgin the hair is, it has been chemically treated before. If you carelessly perform another chemical treatment, it will damage your hair, causing it to brittle, frizzy, and dry. If you are going to have it colored, dyed, or treated, make sure to find only trusted and professional hair stylist. And don’t forget to inform them about your hair extension. You should be frank about your hair extension to them. This is the basic tip in Brazilian body wave hair care.

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There are also other methods of Brazilian body wave hair care:

  • Don’t forget to always moisturize your hair. Your hair is like the skin; it needs enough hydration.
  • Maintain good and healthy diet.  It is no use to have these mixes of external application if you have a wrong and unhealthy system underneath.
  • Don’t think about cutting through hair track because it will often end up in loose ends and shedding. Go to the professional to have it done and never do it on your own; well, unless you are a professional yourself.
  • Never cut through the tracks of the hair, as this can create loose ends. As a result, this can lead to shedding. However, if it is absolutely necessary to cut the hair tracks, you must use some form of weft sealant before installing them.
  • Shampoo the hair in just the right amount and don’t do it excessively. Remember, the hair has its own oil and moisture. When you do this excessively, you will strip the hair of these natural moisture and oil.
  • Don’t forget to always condition your hair. Conditioner will moisturize your hair. Sometimes, mixing the water and the conditioner is enough to clean the hair as well as making it smooth.
  • Don’t apply any grease or its products.

If you are able to pay attention to these Brazilian body wave hair care tips, you should be able to prolong the hair in the most natural way.

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