Best Instagrammable Villa Rentals Around The World

Imagine what your dream home would be like. A sea-facing balcony, a rooftop garden overlooking the city or a roof-top swimming pool, a vast library, a sauna bath…you could go on. Imagine if your dream comes true?

10 best instagrammable villa rentals around the world will meet your expectations of a dream home. You should just book one for your next vacation with your husband.

1. Villa Oia 1880, Greece

Villa Oia 1880The iconic villa, overlooking the emerald blue sea and the historical city of Oia, is located at the Cliffside. All the three bedrooms provide a 200-degree view of the sea. The interiors have a rustic flavor to them and are fully furnished according to your taste.

2. Pentagon Villa, South Africa

Pentagon Villa Balcony TerraceThe word ‘Africa’ alone brings a sense of mysticism. And this villa will do nothing to break it. One of the 10 best instagrammable villa rentals around the world, Pentagon boasts of modern architecture and suave interiors.

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It has been designed by an internationally renowned firm SOATA. Keeping in mind the holiday requirements of the guests, the villa offers expansive space, along with a kitchen and a bar. The property also promises of an uninterrupted view of the Atlantic Ocean and a balcony facing it. You can forget office and sit on the balcony with a book and a glass of wine and forget all your worries.

3. Villa Rak Tawan, Thailand

Villa Rak TawanJust enjoy the view of the milky white Surin beach from the terrace of the villa, which faces the blue-azure of the Andaman Sea. Constructed simply, the villa is instagrammable for the sole reason of its simplicity. Using local stones and warm teak wood, the villa boasts a swimming pool, unlimited Wifi and ultimate luxury.

Simply take a load off as your own chef cooks some lip-smacking delicacies for you and the housekeeping staff cleans the rooms. So, what are you waiting for? Set your camera and post an Instagram picture with the sunset as the backdrop. And yes, do not forget the staff at your service!

4. The Bus Stop, Scotland

Bus Stop, ScotlandSurprised why a bus found a place in the list of 10 best instagrammable villa rentals around the world? You would know why once you visited it. Converted for ultimate luxury, this set up will give you a memorable experience. Established in farmland, the interiors have everything that a guest requires for a holiday- a spacious lounge area, a small kitchen and a tiny bathroom. It offers a coziness that probably lacks even in your luxurious city home. Ideal for a weekend getaway, the Bus Stop gives you a scenic surrounding, a natural pond to linger by, and local trails to explore. Post an Instagram and you would surely have hundreds of followers on your profile instantly.

5. Brekka Cottage, Iceland

Brekka Cottage Iceland Northern LightsImagine the Northern light, lighting up the sky above you and you are sitting in the yard with some espresso and enjoying the view. The warmly-lit interiors of the cottage tempt you with its beauty, but the beauty outside is even more enticing. Indeed, the soliloquy is nothing close to your luxurious lifestyle in the city.

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This hillside cottage will not disappoint you when it comes to easing your mind. Located 45 minutes outside of Reykjavik, the cottage faces the fjord, beyond the geothermal tub facing the bay. The cottage offers all the modern facilities dishwasher, microwave, fridge, washing machine etc. Fiberglass Internet access and floor heating are also provided.

6. Lasse, Southern France

Lasse, Southern FranceThis tree house cum log cabin has to offer you the splendor of nature and wildlife. One of the 10 best instagrammable villa rentals around the world, this cabin, is nothing short of luxury. The rich scenes and the magnificence of the mountains will keep you confined to your property.

It offers a plush swimming pool inside, apart from all the modern amenities in the kitchen and the bathroom. So, cozy up with your dear one and click an Instagram selfie with the mountains in the background. There will be no dearth of likes and comments.

7. Zekkei Ski Chalet, Japan

Zekkei Ski Chalet, JapanFacing Mount Yotei, this villa rental is a part of your dream stay in Japan. Considered to be one of the world’s best skiing spots, this place offers you an array of activities.

Either you can indulge in sports or just stay in and enjoy the view from your window. The rich green valley below allows you to explore more. Worry not! The property comes with a 4WD 8-seater van. All you need is a legitimate universal driving permit. While you enjoy all the facilities provided by the property, do not forget to click a picture outside the house with the mountain as the backdrop. It will be an instant Instagram hit.

You will not regret calling it one of the 10 best instagrammable villa rentals around the world.

8. Amalfi Sea View Apartment, Italy

Amalfi Sea View Apartment, ItalyItaly, the land of love is a picture-perfect destination for newly-wed couples and lovers. Consider renting out an apartment facing the sea and you are done for the day. The apartment offers you a private outdoor area with BBQ, an infinity pool, AC, Jacuzzi and many other modern facilities.

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All you need is some good food, music and a chair on the balcony. Take photos of the beautiful sea shore and post it. Your Instagram results will show why it is considered one of the best instagrammable villa rentals around the world.

9. Villa Danae, Greece

Villa Danae, GreeceMore than a manor, it would appear that a pile of white cubes. The unique architecture against the backdrop of the Greek islands will make you an Instagram hot star. The water and the sand and the splendid setting of the villa will not fail your vacationing mood. The interiors are equally beautiful and functional. You have everything that you need- internet, fully-functional kitchen, lounge area, private garden, swimming pool etc.

10. Roundhat Ranch, Yosemite National Park

Roundhat Ranch, Yosemite National Park

The villa offers you a ranch-like atmosphere and you will not complain about it. The stay in the ranch will tell you why it has been adjudged as one of the best instagrammable villa rentals around the world. The interiors are cozy, but offer its guests world-class facilities. It allows you to explore the surroundings and make new friends in the wilderness. The cutting-edge facilities inside the ranch, however, will not get you feel disconnected.

Now that you have the list of the most sought-after luxury rentals in your backpack wait no more. Plan a trip immediately with your beloved and make the best out of the time spent together.

In this way, proceed, be the discussion of the town and the subject of envy for your friends. Enjoy and click as many pictures you like and post it on Instagram.

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