What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Smoking That You Need To Know And Prepare (1)

Before And After Quitting Smoking

Are you wondering what happen to your body before and after quitting smoking? Everybody knew that quit smoking takes bad effect to health. There are many researches that show smoking has increasing risk for result complication of diseases such as heart attack, strokes, and cause cancer.

Before And After Quitting Smoking effects

For those who still smoking and wondering what happen to you when you not stopping smoking. This before and after quitting smoking effect will help you to determine why you need to stop smoking right now.

Before stop smoking:

  • Sagging skin. Tobacco smoke contains with more than 4000 chemicals and many of these chemicals are trigger the damage of collagen and elastin in skin. Because these collagen and elastin give your skin strength and elasticity, when these get damage, your skin gets sagged.
  • Lines in lips around. When you smoke, then there muscles around your lips that wrinkles due to your pucker finger when you smoke.
  • Age spot. Age spots are common to appear soon in smokers.
  • Your teeth and gums get damaged. The yellow teeth are the most common signs that people can see when they become long term smokers.

After quit smoking:

  • You will have healthier heart again.
  • Breath a lot
  • Have reduced cough more
  • Get glowing skin and rejuvenated skin cell
  • Have better smell

Before And After Quitting Smoking Timetable

Here, you will be guided to see detail what happen to you when you quit smoking right from hours after you decide to quit smoking.

  • 20 minutes. There are improvements in your body which blood pressure, hand and feet temperature and pulse rate will gain back to normal level.
  • 8 hours. There is reduced number of nicotine in blood stream that reduced into 6.25% from normal peak levels and goes to 92.75% reduction.
  • 12 hours.  The carbon monoxide level will drop and the oxygen level in blood will increasingly in normal.
  • 24 hours.  The anxieties will get intense and peaked level, and within 2 weeks will return into pre-cessation  level
  • 48 hours.  The damaged nerve due to nicotine and dangerous chemical in cigarette will regrow and there are better improvement in sense of taste and smell that return to normal. The cessation anger and the irritability will also peak.
  • 72 hours.  Your body will be 100% free nicotine and more than 90% of nicotine residue has break down via urine.
  • 10 days.  There are less craving episodes in per day.
  • 10 days to 2 weeks. Recovery from addiction is beginning. Blood circulation is improved.
  • 2 weeks to 3 months. Heart attack risk has dropped and lung function starts to normal. The chronic cough is gone.
  • 1 year. It drops 50% risk from heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.
  • 5 years. Decline risk for diabetes 59% than smoker.
  • 10 years. Risk of death because lung cancer decreased to 30-50%.
  • 15 years. Risk for death because diseases due to smoking is decreased.
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With this detail timetable of before and after quitting smoking, still hesitate to quit smoking? Start your struggle and ask your family and friend to support you when you decide to quit smoking. You may also like Healthy Fast Way To Lose Weight.

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