Baby Toddlers: The Greatest Exercise Program For Parents

Baby ToddlersYou remember those extra pounds you put on during pregnancy? Don’t worry, when your babies graduate from crawling to being baby toddlers, the pounds will begin to roll off. Maybe this is the real reason mothers gain a few extra pounds.

Why would you start to lose weight when your baby becomes a toddler? You thought to chase a baby who was crawling was hard work, wait until they start running. Baby toddlers go from slow, unsteady walking to running in just a few weeks. Where you could be across the room ready to stop the crawling baby with time to spare, a toddler running is much harder. You will need to lace on those running shoes extra tight.

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The words NO and STOP will mean something one of these days, but for baby toddlers, they just mean “I am almost to the fun.” Your toddlers will not stop when you say end, they are going to look back at you, give you a mischievous smile, and take off running to their intended target. When you see that smile, start running yourself. If you wait even an extra moment, you will be too late. It is not that your baby is trying to be wrong, they are just exploring their new skills and learning their new limits.

Why else are you going to be losing weight and getting fit with your baby toddlers? Your baby is getting much more substantial now. You are going to be working much harder walking in the park, through the store, and even just around the home. Carrying the extra weight means you are burning more calories, and possibly also adding a little muscle.

There is another reason your baby toddlers will help you get in shape, and this time it the fun ideas. Since they are bigger and more mobile, you can start going to the park, to the swimming pool, on walks, and having more fun. While your toddler is going to give you more challenges, they are also providing more freedom and more fun. You will not be as worried about dropping your little one off with the grandparents for an afternoon while you go shopping. They are ready to start playing more with other children and are more interested in toys. It’s a lot of fun to see their expanding interests and abilities.

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Speaking of toys, it is one more reason you will be getting extra exercise. Your baby toddlers can take all the toys out of a box and scatter them around a room in moments. They have no idea about the reverse process of picking up toys. That will be your responsibility for now. You get to bend, twist, and crawl to gather all the toys and put them away again. Congratulations on your thinner body, you are earning it by chasing baby toddlers. Now instead of blaming your baby for the extra weight, you can thank them for the added exercise. Their love of movement will become your opportunity for more activity, too.

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