Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby proofing your home is an effort in love, and takes a little more work than most parents expect. Do you know all the things you may want to check on?

Almost every parent thinks about buying the electrical outlet covers to make sure to keep those little fingers and toys out of the outlets. This is a great start.

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Where did you go from there?

The second most commonly purchased item is cabinet door locks. These little clips are great for keeping your baby away from cleaners and other items in your cupboards. Make sure you buy some drawer clasps for those lower drawers, too. Since you are working in the kitchen, keep in mind, baby proofing with just locks is not enough. Move the dangerous chemicals and other items out of areas they could reach if the door or drawer was left open.

What else should you be looking into?

The next obvious point is gates and locks for your stairways. They represent one of the biggest dangers to your little ones. They are curious and will want to go up and down those stairs, not realizing how dangerous it is.

Walk around your home and start looking at all the other things they can get into, or run into. Many homes are filled with beautiful tables, counters, and other places which happen to have very sharp edges and corners right at the wrong place. Consider buying bumper pads for those edges if they become a problem. They are very inexpensive and will save your little boy or girl some nasty bumps and bruises.

The bathroom requires the same care your kitchen received. Make sure to put away the soaps and chemicals where they are higher than their reach, and preferably locked.

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The one other room normally filled with chemicals, and which they may venture into is the laundry room. Make sure you take into consideration how to protect this room, too.

You may have thought the living room was safe, but have you thought about the dangers of your TV stand? It is going to be a target for a climbing baby, and must be secured carefully. The heavier electronics need to be pushed back and checked to make sure they cannot be tipped off on top of your baby. They will try to climb to see the TV. Be prepared, and safe.

Are you starting to get the picture of how much thought and concern you must put into baby proofing your home? Your little baby is going to be a scooting, crawling, walking, exploring machine. Anything they see will be of interest, and they will try to get it. Make sure those pretty breakable decorations find new homes much higher. Anything which holds great value needs to be moved out of reach.

The final advice on baby proofing your home, a baby playpen is an essential piece of parenting equipment. It gives you a chance to control movement for at least a while every day. Add it to your list of essential supplies to give you a moment of relaxation. Let the fun begin.

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