Baby Food Allergies Information You Need to Understand

Baby Food AllergiesWhat do you know about baby food allergies? It makes us extra careful with our baby if they have some allergy problem towards certain food. If you find that there are unusual symptoms after you give certain food to your baby, just stop to give them next time or you need to see doctors quickly. However, this following part will give you short explanation about food allergies:

A Food Allergy

Baby food allergies can happen to the any baby. To make it clear, you need to know what a food allergy is first. Taken from the the allergies happen because your immune system’s overreaction to normally harmless proteins in a certain food. For example if your baby has an allergy to a certain food, his body will produce antibodies and releases other contents which make the immune system react. Do you know that almost 5% babies have food allergies?

In certain condition if your baby has several foods allergic, the symptom may appear after minutes or hours later because the antibody needs time to active. If your baby is allergy for some foods, usually the symptoms are about hives, itchy red patches, eczema, or swelling. Do not panic if other symptoms come like gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting, or diarrhea. Go to see doctor if your baby show bad symptoms.

The Risk Factors for a Food Allergy in a Baby

As you know that sometimes when you have any allergy or you have sibling who has any allergy as well such as hay fever, allergic asthma, eczema, or a food allergy, your baby may be more likely to be allergic to food as well. Your baby also can have some baby food allergies. You need to know that there are some high risk factors for a food allergy such as you have sibling who has a peanut allergy, or you baby continuing to get control to severe eczema (you can avoid it, if you follow a doctor’s treatment plan). In some cases, your baby may have and immediate allergic reaction to a new food. You need to know if your baby is high risk for a food allergy or not. You can check it to doctor.

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Top Baby Allergic Food

Sometimes not all babies can accept all food you give to them. In any cases, some babies show allergic symptoms. You should know that there are 160 allergic foods usually happen. If your baby shows some bad symptoms after you give your baby any kind of food, you need to be careful and stop to give the food next time. Milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts like walnuts or almond, fish, shellfish, soy, or wheat are the top food which make some babies allergy with it. You can wait until your baby grows older then you give them it. Even, many experts said that you need to wait your child until 3 years old then you can give them peanuts safely. Sometimes, their body cannot accept the protein inside the food. You just need to be careful because there are some baby food allergies.

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