Baby Developmental Milestones: What Will Those First Precious Months Bring

Baby Developmental Milestones
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Is your new baby just around the corner or has just arrived? Now you are trying to figure out what to expect the baby to do during these first few months of life. Here are a few of the baby developmental milestones you can expect.

The first month of having your baby is filled with excitement. You came home from the hospital and life is filled to overflowing with new tasks, and the joy of playing with your new baby. During this first month you can expect your baby to start lifting their head for short periods. They will be able to move their head around side to side. You will see your baby bringing their hands up to their face and mouth. Loud noises will grab your baby’s attention. They will start noticing faces of people.

The second month at home increases the fun with your baby. By now you are in a groove of dealing with all of the challenges of having a baby in your home. You are going to be rewarded with seeing those first little smiles, which everyone tries to tell you is just gas. The baby will start making new sounds, instead of just the crying you are accustomed to. You will notice your baby starts following movement with their eyes.

The third month brings even more exciting baby developmental milestones. When placed on their stomach, the baby will be lifting their head and shoulders to look around. You will notice they have started opening and closing their hands, starting to develop hand control. These opening and closing hands will start holding on to rattles and other hand toys, so the fun is just beginning. Your baby is starting to notice sounds, and trying to imitate them. This is a month where you can really start having fun with your baby.

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The fourth month often brings the baby developmental milestones everyone really wants, sleep. During the fourth month you can expect your baby to start sleeping through the night. They may sleep from 6 to 7 hours at one stretch. Make sure you take full advantage of those hours to get your sleep, too. You need to start being very careful where you leave your baby this month. You can expect to start seeing your baby rolling over from their stomach onto their back. If you step away for too long, they could easily roll off onto the floor. This month your baby will become much better at amusing themselves with objects and sounds. Your baby is ready to start sitting up with some support, which is another fun milestone for everyone.

Imagine all of these changes which have just happened in only four months. The baby developmental milestones only keep accelerating during the remainder of the first year and beyond. Make sure to record all of the big milestones in your baby book right away, or you are likely to forget the exact day. These first few months are a very exciting time, but fly past so quickly.

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