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Baby Boy Nursery: Ideas For Your Baby Boys Special Retreat

Baby girls rooms are comfortable, you just make them pink and cute, filled with lace and frills, you are done. A baby boy nursery needs to fit the man hidden inside that little body. It can be cute but needs to have a touch of the masculine to make sure no one forgets who is the ruler of this room. Do you need a few ideas to get you started on your boy’s nursery decor?

There are many fun ways to go in your baby boy nursery. You can go with classic decor and outfit the room filled with teddy bears, with an emphasis on using light blue around the room. The light blue can be easily accomplished with the upper half of the walls becoming the sky filled with clouds, the lower half rolling hills with a montage of teddy bears playing. It makes for a charming room which can be accessorized with teddy bear sheets, pillows, and blankets.

Another fun idea is to use the characters from the Land Before Time series of movies. These cute baby dinosaurs make a room which looks playful, fun and has the right touch of boy written all over it. Boys love dinosaurs, and there is no reason not to get him started early.

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Another passion of boys as they grow are cars, trucks, fire engines, and tractors. You can make a significant looking baby boy nursery using a decor filled with wheeled vehicles. You can find a wallpaper to decorate the room, or you can use natural peel and stick decals to place on a painted wall.

The decals are a great way to add more originality to the room. You can do a simple paint job, add a few trees, paint a simple road, add a sun in the sky, and then start decorating. Your room will be one of a kind. If you choose decals which are safe, as your little baby boy grows he will be able to play with them, redecorating his own room. This makes for a great added bonus.

Submarines, fish, and the underwater world makes a significant motif for your baby boy nursery, too. You can find wallpaper, decals, or hand paint your own unique designs. This style of the room works for girls, also. It is one of the great ideas for a place when you are not sure of the baby’s gender.

If your family is a lover of auto racing, you can take the wheeled theme a different direction. You can find curtains, bedding, pillows, wallpaper, and other accessories using Hot Wheels Cars. Your son may learn to say Vroom, Vroom, before any other words. It is a great way to introduce him to the sport you are all passionate about.

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The most significant thing to keep in mind for your baby boy nursery is to have fun only. If the room is filled with joy, love, and a little adventure, you will have found the perfect mix. Your baby boy will continue to love the place as he grows into a toddler and young boy.

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