Baby Bib: A Babys Second Most Essential Garment

Baby Bibs
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What does every baby in the world have in common? They can spit-up, spit out, throw-up, and dribble milk or food on their chin and chest in a split second. Faster than you can grab your hand spit-up towel or cloth they have made a complete mess of their shirt. A baby bib may easily qualify as their second most essential item of clothing falling right behind their diaper.

Apparently, the baby bib is not the second most important piece of clothing, but it is an essential item if you want to save your sanity. Without a baby bib, a simple bottle of milk can end up requiring a complete change of clothing. While many of you women love changing your baby’s outfit at any instant, most of us do not want to. We need to keep busy doing other things.

With a baby bib safely in place we can feed our baby, quickly change out the napkin, and the clothes stay clean and dry. It is not only during feeding time the bib plays an important role. Our babies love to drool, especially when teeth start to arrive. By having a collar around their neck, the drool soaks the bib, not the clothes.

You might be thinking this is going to ruin your baby’s “style.” Answer this quick question, which is cuter a baby with a soaking wet shirt, or a baby with an adorable little bib with cute small zoo animals? A package of a half dozen sweet napkins only costs a few dollars and can be changed out in seconds. Shirts cost much more and take minutes to change once you finish fighting those flailing arms.

While functionality is essential, cuteness is maybe even more critical. We do not want our baby girl or baby boy running around looking bad. You can find a baby bib to match almost any outfit. If you buy a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns, you will always have a couple of napkins handy to match their outfit.

With styles including cute sayings, baby decors, and even cartoon characters a baby bib is not only for protecting clothes but quickly becomes a fashion statement for your baby.

You might be protesting there is no way you are going to have your infant wearing a baby bib to church along with their cute little outfits. What if you found a collar which is just a lacy as her lovely little dress, matches the color, and even has a sweet little lace flower on it? Suddenly the bib is not an eyesore like you thought but a simple accessory to the outfit. It can be removed in an instant if you want to have pictures taken, and the best news, the dress will still be beautiful. The same goes for your little guys. Just choose a bib which matches their outfit, and it will look great.

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A baby bib is going to be one of your favorite items of clothing. It protects the clothes underneath, saves you time and money. Buy a large assortment of styles, and you will be ready for any occasion.

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