Baby Bedding: Do You Know What Is Really Important for Your Babys Bed

Baby Bedding Do You Know What Is Really Important For Your Babys BedDid you buy a high looking crib and a nice mattress? That is a good start to having a right place for your baby to sleep, but it is just the start. You need to have the proper baby bedding to complete the ensemble. What do you need, and what is safe to use?

The most critical portion of your baby bedding will be the bottom sheet. It needs to be fitted and needs to fit snugly. You want it to tuck in around the mattress securely, so it does not quickly come loose. You will need to choose whether you want fancy sheets with cute patterns and characters or not. For your baby, the important thing is how comfortable and warm it is. Stick with a high percentage of cotton in the sheet and your baby will love it.

To protect your baby sheet, you may want to add some sheet protectors to your baby bedding selection. You can be quite confident your baby is going to find a way to make their diaper leak. The sheets will wash quickly enough, but with a sheet protector, you can keep the coat dry and clean and just change out the protector soon. It is more convenient in the middle of the night to quickly change a sheet protector, instead of needing to change the sheet.

Blankets are a mixed blessing as part of your baby bedding. Usually, the only thing you need is some simple swaddling blankets. They will keep your infant warm and are made to wrap them up tightly. Quilts, comforters, and other baby blankets are beautiful, but most times not very practical for night time use. Use caution with sheets, making sure to keep them away from your small babies faces.

Very often you will receive a pillow as part of a baby bedding set, or from well-meaning friends. Baby pillows have a perfect right place in the nursery. It is called the shelf. They do not belong in the bed with your baby. They do not need a pillow, and it adds one more potential item to block your baby’s breathing.

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One more piece of baby bedding which can be a mixed blessing are bumpers. They look great around the edge of the mattress and do protect from little bumps on the head. It can also help the arms or legs from getting through the rails of the crib. The negative side, the baby, can get their faces tucked under the edge of the bumper, which can make breathing hard. If you choose to use a bumper, check on how it fastens. It needs to tie on very tightly and securely. You do not want any chance of having those loose edges for your infant to get caught in.

Make sure your friends and family know what kinds of baby bedding you want before the baby shower. They can help you outfit the nursery with safe, soft, and inviting fitted sheets, blankets, and other bed accessories. Your baby will be safe and comfortable, allowing both of you to sleep soundly.

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