Baby Always Crying It’s Time To Become A Baby Detective

Baby Always Crying It Is Time To Become A Baby Detective
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Is your baby always crying? It is unlikely your baby is still complaining, it just feels like it.

It is very possible your baby is crying most of the time, and if so, you need to become a detective and start learning why.

Some babies have a tendency to cry much more often than others. They are sensitive to being easily overstimulated, and everything gets them started. The key is to learn what the triggers are and learn to reduce them or change your baby’s reactions.

One starting point for any baby which is always crying, or at least most of the time, is to check with your pediatrician. This is even more crucial if you are feeding your baby formula. It could be your baby is having a mild allergic reaction causing an upset stomach and triggering all this noise.

When you can calm your baby and stop the crying for a while, what actions are you taking? Many mothers report their baby will stay calm as long as they are held firmly. It is not good enough to be anybody; it has to be mom or dad. If this is your experience, you will need to start experimenting a little. Your baby is susceptible to the scent of your bodies. Try giving them an item of worn clothing in their crib, or hang it by them on the baby swing. The smell might be enough to let them know you are near and keep them calm.

Has the situation with your baby always crying just started, and before they were just fine? Your baby could be teething or going through a rapid growth spurt. Both events can cause pain which has your baby crying at every moment. Try gently rubbing their gums or giving them a cold teething ring to see if they quiet down. Growth spurts are much harder. Usually, there is not enough you can do except survive.

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Check your babies body over very carefully when they begin crying excessively. Your baby may have a mild case of diaper rash which is irritating. They may feel extremely uncomfortable, even though it does not look imposing on you.

There is one other critical situation you must consider. Have you created this condition on your own? If you have been continuously holding your baby whenever they whimper, mildly fuss, or express even the tiniest discomfort, they are now expecting extreme attention. When they are not getting all the attention, they want they cry. Try tolerating the crying without your notice for a little longer. If you have been picking up the baby after a few minutes of complaining, try waiting for 10 to 15 minutes first.

You will need to vary your actions and watch your baby’s reactions to start learning what is causing the symptoms of a baby always crying. It will come to an end with a little detective work and effort.

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