Alternative To Baby Powder For Babies

Alternative To Baby Powder

Why we should try to choose another alternative to baby powder? As we know that there is a controversy about whether or not we apply baby powder for our beloved baby. Some says that ingredient in the baby powder will harmful our baby’s health. Yet, usually a baby powder contains with Talc.

There is a study from American Academy of Pediatrics about baby powder. They said that there is a possibility to the small particle trap in the lungs. As parents, you need to be very careful. It founds that Talc is linked to the cancer as well. Moreover, these following parts will give you short information about the alternative of baby powder:

What is Talc?

Before we go deeper to the alternative to baby powder, it is better for us to know what talc is first. A combination of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen will create Talc. Usually, Talc is used in baby powder, body powder, and makeup. Actually, there are two types of Talc based on American Cancer Society: Talc with asbestos and Talc with asbestos free. If you found Talc with asbestos, then it is possible to create cancer in your body if it is inhaled, while the Talc with free asbestos todays uses in modern consumer products. However, if you are not sure if the Talc with free asbestos are safe, then you can choose product with Talc free.

Alternative to Baby Powder

Of course since you need a baby powder for your baby, then you need to search other alternatives. There are a lot of baby powders which does not contain with Talc. Actually, there are people who use baking soda as alternative to baby powder. Some of them even use it as deodorant. When you use it as your baby powder, it needs to combine with the cornstarch. The best thing you never know is that this combination creates extra skin protection against odor and wetness.

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You can choose baby powder with a cornstarch, rice starch or herbal base. If you find a baby powder with those ingredients, it has same function to attract moisture and keep you dry, soothe itchy and irritated skin, cut down of friction and prevent rashes as well.

More explanation about cornstarch, it is best natural alternative to Talc. It will help your skin to prevent sweating effectively. Actually, it made by endosperm of a corn kernel and usually uses to help thicken sauces. If it is safe to consume, then it is safe for your skin as well.

Other alternative for Talc is arrowroot starch or tapioca starch. These starches are all-natural alternative which makes from several tropical South American plants. It is different with the cornstarch which made by corn, a arrowroot starch produces with the crushed-up pulp of the South American cassava plant, especially a woody shrub. Indeed that tapioca starch and cornstarch is using for food then if you use it as your baby powder for your baby’s sore bottom, it will help soothe irritated skin. Overall, that’s all about alternative to baby powder you need to consider.

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