Allen Carr Quit Smoking

Allen Carr Quit Smoking
Allen Carr Quit Smoking

Do you want to stop smoking? That’s why you are here, right? As we know, if we are too addicted to cigarette, we may find it too difficult to stop smoking. Yup, we always need a cigarette anytime and anywhere. However, if you want to stop smoking, there are some tips which you can try from Allen Carr Quit Smoking.

Here, the tips which we give to you, will help you stop this bad habit. Besides, you don’t need to make an extra effort to implement the tips we are going to share below.

1. Mark the date you stop smoking – Allen Carr Quit Smoking

Here, it is like you make a commitment which will change your life positively. Besides, you have to convince yourself that smoking is not good for your health. Not only that, there are other things which are also affected if you stop smoking – like money, energy, confidence, and even respect. In this case, Allen Carr Quit Smoking suggest you to prepare your mental to move on to a better life.

2. Say goodbye to your last cigarette – Allen Carr Quit Smoking

When you have already set the date when you are going to stop smoking, you need to do this thing. Yup, it is like a farewell party with your last cigarette. Here, you must make a solemn vow that you will not smoke again in the future. This step is very important because it is considered as an entry gate of a better life. So, when you smoke your last cigarette, try to smoke it slowly like there is no cigarette in this world.

3. Struggle from nicotine cravings

After you decide to stop smoking, you may experience the phase of craving for nicotine. Here, your commitment is also tested. Usually, you may feel some bad emotional problems in this phase. But, if you can completely pass this phase, you have leveled up. If you often smoke with having a tea, coffee, or others, you can have all of those things at one time.

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4. Avoid the bait

When you are in a circle where there are smokers, you need to strengthen your commitment. Here, you don’t need to avoid the bait by leaving your circle. If you realize about this, this can can also change your mindset. Why? Because you can think that you fight for healthy life – which is you do not get deceived by the bait. So, the point is, build your positive mental attitude as well.

5. Ignore the request of smoking

As we know, we may be asked to smoke in order to fit into the circle. But, you can completely decline those who ask you to smoke. Here, you may be considered not impolite because declining their request. But, don’t ever think that you are the bad one. So, it is better for you to convince them that you are in a process of stop smoking.

6. don’t evet use any things which contain nicotine

As we know, there are some things which also contain nicotine besides cigarette. Here, we talk about nicotine gum. If you think that nicotine gum is different with a cigarette, you are completely mistaken. Based on the Allen Carr Quit Smoking, this thing will keep you get addicted to nicotine.

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