Acne Scar Removal Cost

Acne Scar Removal Cost

When you are trying to deal with your acne scar, you should also consider about the acne scar removal cost. It is a good thing that there are different options and alternative treatments to fight off the scar. One of the most common solutions is the laser treatment. But not many people know that there are different laser treatments to remove the scars.

About Laser Treatment

When you want to remove the scar and yet you don’t want to deal with ay surgical methods, these alternatives can be your new best friends. The treatments don’t need a lot of time and it offers very little discomfort (or side effects). Another benefit of using these treatments is the fact that laser can be effective enough to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Of course, you need to follow the directions given by your dermatologist but if you are able to do it correctly, you should be fine.

Keep in mind that acne scar laser methods come in various styles with different price tags. Be sure to understand each of the acne scar removal cost as well as the detailed process. What are the methods?

  • Fractional treatment. The laser beam is focused on the deeper skin layer. It includes deeper laser beam as well as MTZ (Microthermal Treatment Zones) which is designed to get rid of the pigmented old cells. It is meant to remodel the collagen while keeping the healthy sectors and tissues remain unaffected and intact.
  • Carbon dioxide treatment. This method is common to treat warts, wrinkles, and scars with CO2 laser. Once the treatment is done, the affected area will be covered in a dressing. You should follow the right procedure and direction in relation to wound care.
  • Erbium treatment. This treatment will remove scars on the surface level. It is different from the CO2 treatment because it heals faster as well as the possibility of less side effects and risks.
  • Pixilation. When the scar is only located on specific points, then this method works the best. The laser points are in the size of a pin and focused on the affected area.
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Choosing a Method

It is a must that you have a thorough discussion with your doctor about the best treatment to deal with your issue. You and your doctor can work on the best solution to find the right solution. Also talk about the possibility about risks and side effects, even after the procedure.

Don’t forget to talk about the acne scar removal cost with your doctor. When you use the standard laser acne removal treatment within the standard size, it may cost you around $300 to $600. When it is bigger, it may cost you around $700 to $1000. If it goes on a bigger area or a complicated area, and you want to have a complete procedure, you may have to spend from $1500 to $2000.

When talking to your doctor, discuss everything – the procedure, the care process after the procedure, and also the overall cost. You can also ask them whether it is possible to have a discount for the acne scar removal cost.

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