Happy Birthday Greeting Cards

happy birthday greetings cardsWhen signing happy birthday greeting cards, people are divided into two types. The first type is for those who have no problem at all to write the best wishes and messages. Another type is for those who can’t write any single word except “Happy Birthday” on the cards. This problem doesn’t only come once, but over and over. We provide some ideas how to write more personal messages than Happy Birthday below.


This is obviously what you are going to write on those happy birthday greeting cards. Whenever you get stuck on the “Happy Birthday” phrase, just think about your wishes for those who are enjoying their birthday. The wishes can be in a simple or long phrase. The simpler, the better. They will easily read your cards with simpler words and catch your point. Most of them usually have been printed on the cards already so that you have to pick as careful as possible. It helps you to write simpler additional wishes such as “Have Fun, Hope You Have a Happy (13rd)!, Love You!, and many more.”

Be Late

Yes, this is the next way how to write happy birthday greeting cards. Being late can be your best chance to say some apologies or reasons why you have been late. In addition, it can be as humorous as possible. It isn’t difficult to make an excuse, is it? Moreover, being late is better than never. That is the key. You won’t lose your words because there are many reasons that you can write on that greeting cards. Remember that there is a gap between being late deliberately and sending it on time but it wasn’t delivered on time. Just keep it up with your intention.

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For Your Family

Of course, there are many differences to write happy birthday cards for families, friends, or even children. We start from the closest once first, the family. There will be a great chance to write long personal message for your family because you may have been through your life with them. So, we assume that it isn’t as difficult as other happy birthday cards. If your cards don’t mention your relationship with the recipient, just write it in your personal message because it is important. For example, you put his or her nickname such as mommy, daddy, Aunt May, etc. This will increase the warmness between both of you.

For Colleagues or Friends

Being casual is the most appropriate way to write happy birthday greeting cards for your friends. You can directly write your gratitude on the card such as, “Thanks for being my good friend.” But, make it as formal as possible if you write a card for your co-worker or supervisor who is your colleagues at your office. Don’t write too long because the cards are for formality only.

For Children

Short and simple happy birthday greeting cards tend to be the best choice for children. Don’t forget to add the numbers so that they will never lose the count. Many cards are designed for kids so that you wouldn’t have worry to add more words on them.

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